PlayStation VR: Everything you need to know

Beat Saber on PSVR
Beat Saber on PSVR (Image credit: Android Central)

It wasn't all that long ago VR was considered either something simple you added to a phone for a quick distraction or something amazingly complex for those who could afford the lengthy requirements of ownership. Sony created a compelling middle ground by doing what they do best — making something you actually want to have in your living room. PlayStation VR is a companion for your PlayStation 4 that elevates your current games and helps you explore an entirely new way to feel like you are the character you're playing.

With PlayStation 5 on the horizon, you can expect an eventual PSVR2 headset, just not yet. The current PSVR headset will be compatible with PS5, so you won't need to worry about losing any money on your investment.

Being able to fully enjoy this experience requires more than just taking one out of the box. Here's our complete user manual for all things PSVR!

What you need to know about PlayStation VR

We've included links to each section in this guide so that you can easily find the specific pieces of information you may need regarding your PlayStation VR, whether that means which games are the best to get or even just how to set it up.

Which PlayStation 4 should I use for my VR system?

PlayStation 4 consoles

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There's more than one box named PlayStation 4, but don't panic! They all work with PlayStation VR, but one may offer better experiences. If you're using a PlayStation 4 Pro, you have a few more options than you would with a normal PlayStation 4. Here's what you need to know!

Getting started with your PlayStation VR

Getting started with PSVR

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Taking PlayStation VR out of the box is step one, but there's a lot more you should know about making sure you and whoever you share this system with have the best possible experience. You need space to move around, and you need to make sure the headset stays comfortable while you are doing so. Here are the best ways to get yourself not only set up but comfortable!

Don't worry, we know updates can be a little scary, so we even have a walkthrough of Everything different about the new PlayStation VR for those who have had their consoles a little longer!

Getting to know Cinematic Mode

PSVR cinema

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PlayStation VR isn't just for playing virtual reality games. In fact, anything you can do through your PlayStation 4 can be done through PlayStation VR thanks to Cinematic Mode. A wide virtual screen that floats in front of you and fills your vision can free you from distractions, and maybe for some, become the only screen you use to enjoy your PlayStation.

Gaming in PlayStation VR

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare VR

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This is what we're all here for, right? Leaning over a virtual pool table to sink the perfect shot, losing your balance a little as you fling your body from tree to tree, and screaming as a demon gets a little too close before you squeeze the trigger. VR games are intense and incredibly enjoyable. The audio and video fill you and replaces the real world, letting you dive in and become someone else for a little while. Here's what we've found so far!

Don't forget, every month we update the PlayStation VR games coming out this month! So be sure to check out that list often to see what new types of experiences are coming your way!

The best games

Looking for a certain game type?


Available game reviews, tips, and tricks

Skyrim PSVR bow

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Seeing lists of the best of the best not enough to get your blood pumping to decide which game to choose? It's okay, we've got a few detailed reviews on the games you really wanna check out, complete with some Tips and Tricks as well! Don't see a review listed here for a game you want to know more about? Let us know in the comment section below!

Best peripherals and accessories for PlayStation VR

Now that you're set up and have some games to play, check out some of the best gear to add to your PlayStation VR! We've gone through and tested quite a few products to find you the best not just in performance, but for your wallet too!

Doing more with PlayStation VR

Playstation Vr Psvr Controllers

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Gaming is an increasingly social experience, and that means some games are meant to be shared with everyone. That can occasionally mean sharing with others — even those who don't have a PlayStation 4. Sharing can also be as simple as a screenshot, or maybe you're ready to share your whole session on Twitch. Whatever your choice, know that your hardware is built to listen (unless you tell it not to).


Playstation Vr Psvr

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Like anything, your PlayStation VR may not always behave exactly as it should. To help with that, we've assembled a troubleshooting guide to help you deal with everything that could potentially go wrong with your headset.

Selling your PlayStation VR

selling PSVR

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Maybe you've decided this isn't for you, or maybe you're in immediate need of some cash. Whatever your reason, if you need to sell your PlayStation VR quickly there's no need to rush out to the closest electronics shop and take their slim values. You have options, and we can help!

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