These are the best free apps for PlayStation VR

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A strange man wrapped in Christmas lights (Image credit: Android Central)

A lot of PlayStations VR content costs money. That's obvious, but what you may not know is there are some really interesting programs available for free. A lot of them are designed for you to experience 360-degree content in your VR headset, but others are VR experiences that are interactive and enjoyable.

Free play is awesome

When it comes to free content the PSVR has plenty to offer but the best is Rec Room. It's a complete game and bigger than almost any other VR game I've ever played. It has quests, minigames, a Battle Royale game, custom rooms, and so much more.

All of this is available without any cost to you, the consumer. There aren't even any microtransactions right now. They might come along at some point but the team behind Rec Room is more interested in building an awesome community right now than making money from it.

Kennedy Maring