Everything different about the new PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR has been delivering awesome videos, games, and experiences for over a year now. While the original PlayStation VR is a great headset, Sony now has an updated model for 2017 that has made a number of small changes to the design of this VR headset. Everything from the earbuds, to buttons, extending all the way to the processor box has been updated.

Here are all the changes we've spotted!

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Button changes

The first big change to PlayStation VR is in the placement of the power, microphone, and volume buttons. The three that were originally attached to the earbuds that came with PlayStation VR have been moved to the bottom side of the headset. The button you use to move your headset forwards or backward when adjusting the fit.

The adjustment button has been moved to the top right of your headset. It got a much more tactile feel, which makes it a bit easier to find when you can't see what you're doing, and it's much easier to feel where it's hiding. It's also got a deeper button press, which has a much more tactile experience compared to the shallow push of the button in the original 2016 model.

The bottom of the headset's visor now holds four different buttons, on top of the speaker that was present in the original model. In the middle, is the new power button, which is easy to find even when you are wearing your headset. On the left side, you'll find a circular array which holds the rest of the buttons that have moved. This is where you'll find the volume adjustment buttons, as well as the ability to turn the microphone on and off.

Headphone changes

One of the biggest design changes that you'll notice in the headset revolve around how you attach your earbuds. The new earbuds that come with the 2017 PlayStation VR plug right into the bottom of the headset. You'll find a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the plastic bar that holds the headset in place. Your earbuds will plug right in — and provided you use the pair that comes with your headset — they're built to easily mesh with the headset.

This means that there are no more dangling earbuds, collecting dust and getting in the way when you aren't actively using your headset. There are small cutouts on either side of PlayStation VR where they can be put when it's in storage. Since the earbuds plug in at the back and bottom, they are designed to deliver sound without getting you tangled in cords, or getting in your way while playing. They've also swapped up the white and black color of last year with shiny black earbuds that look right in place when you plug them in.

The design changes make a small but noticeable difference, both when you're storing your headset, and when you're wearing it. You'll also notice the open plastic grating on the sides of the stabilization bar has disappeared. Instead, it's a single chunk of smooth plastic that isn't going to collect dust nearly as aggressively.

Processor box changes

The last noticeable change isn't in the headset itself, but instead on the processor box. It's still essentially the same size and dimensions, but it has a noticeably updated look and now actively supports HDR passthrough. The original design included a piece that slid back from the main processor box to better let you plug in your HDMI cords and a light-up panel on the top. This year, there are two light bars that run around the front and sides of the box and is all one solid piece.

It's still got two ports on the front of the processor box for your HDMI cords, along with four remaining ports for the rest of the hookups in the back of the processor box. The small branding on the processor box is also slightly more noticeable. You'll see the PS logo on the top and bottom of the box, along with Sony on the front. You'll also see the triangle, square, circle and x icons displayed on the front and top of the box. They're on the bottom as well and pop out a bit to act as feet for the processor box.

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The new 2017 model of PlayStation VR has made a number of changes to the look of its headset in order to deliver a better, more intuitive experience. Of course the important parts of PlayStation VR, it's ability to transport you to amazing games and experiences hasn't changed in the least. Are you considering picking up a new PlayStation VR? Are you a fan of these changes? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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