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Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Now that a PlayStation VR (PSVR) has made its way into your life you need to find the best display stand to show it off. Display stands are perfect for keeping things neat and tidy while also preventing you from needing to unpack and repack your VR headset for each use. Here are the best options!

All-in-one: Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand

Staff favorite

The Skywin PSVR station is my number one pick for the number of things it holds, how many charging options it has, and how sleek it looks on my entertainment center. You can charge two DualShock controllers, two Move controllers, and up to four devices on the USB ports on the front. This is also one of the few PSVR docking stands that has a place for the PSVR helmet, your headset, the console and the processor box.

$40 at Amazon

Runner-up: Collective Minds PS4 VR Showcase Stand Plus

My runner-up dock has to go to Collective Minds' for its ability to hold most of your PSVR accessories. It can store and charge two DualShock controllers, two Move controllers, one Aim controller, and your wireless headset. It also stylishly displays your PSVR headset on the top. If you already have a set up for your PlayStation 4 console, this stand is perfect for your new accessories.

$45 at Amazon

Futuristic appeal: PSVR Charging Stand with Optional Illumination

When it comes to looks my heart belongs to Asterion Products' dock stand. The sleek and low profile of the set-up has everything tight-nit and fitting together like a finely tuned engine. The clear section of the stand has a built-in light for your aesthetic pleasure. Despite the small appearance, it has a place for two Dualshock controllers, two Move controllers, your PSVR helmet, and your headphones.

$43 at Amazon

Everything you need: Kootek all in one Vertical Stand

Kootek will store and charge two Move controllers and one Dualshock controller. For strictly storage purposes it will hold your PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation VR helmet, and PlayStation VR processor box. This charging stand is complete with cooling fans on the bottom that will fit any of the PlayStation 4 consoles (Slim, Standard, Pro). Charging ports will not work unless the console is on.

$30 at Amazon

Store your collectables: PS4 Vertical Cooling Stand

This is one of the only PlayStation cooling stands that will hold your PSVR equipment and the physical copies of games you've been collecting. It will charge and store two Move controllers and two DualShock controllers. For standard storage options, this docking station holds your PS4 console (Slim, Standard, or Pro), your PSVR helmet, and over seven game boxes.

$36 at Amazon

PSVR only: Skywin 4-in-1 Charge & Display Stand

This display stand is for those who want to keep excess clutter to a minimum. It has a pretty blue light and the ability to hold your PlayStation VR helmet, processor box, and Move controllers. It will even charge your Move controllers while it stores them. Cheap and small is a winning combination in my eyes.

$15 at Amazon

Avoid the mess of storage

Using a docking station for my PlayStation VR was the best decision I ever made for both time management and stylish storage. Now instead of having to take down and store every piece of my PSVR equipment I can wrap the cords, throw all the pieces onto my docking stand, and never worry about it. Since my VR equipment is so publically displayed in my living room it also gets all my guests asking questions about VR and acts as a gateway to putting my loved ones in the headset.

Check that: Time management, stylish storage, and conversation starter. A PlayStation VR docking station is well worth the money, trust me.

The Skywin PSVR Charging Display Stand is my top choice for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it capable of holding most of my PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR equipment, but it saves me the cord space by also charging my devices. Even though I keep my home cool enough that I've never experienced issues with my consoles overheating, the cooling fan at the bottom of the stand is both quiet and useful for that extra peace of mind.

See something you don't have?

A lot of PSVR bundles don't come with Aim or Move controllers, but both of these devices enhance your VR experience. Here's where you can find them for yourself if you're missing either of these products!

Move Controllers ($100 at Amazon)

Move controllers give you the ability to use both of your hands in a VR game instead of using a DualShock controller. It makes the experience much more immersive and, on top of this, there are PSVR games that straight up won't work without them.

Aim Controller & Firewall Zero Hour ($80 at Amazon)

While it offers a much better experience for shooter games, it is only supported with the following games: Arizona Sunshine, Bravo Team, ChromaGun, Dick Wilde, DOOM: VFR, Evasion, Farpoint, Firewall Zero Hour, Rom: Extraction, Special Delivery, The Brookhaven Institute, and Unearthing Mars 2. If you don't have any of these games, with no intentions of owning them, don't get the Aim controller.

Hyperkin Sanitary Mask ($10 at Amazon)

People are going to want to play with your headset now that its on public display. Share your VR headset, but don't share germs. These sanitizing wipes don't have alcohol in them, meaning you won't risk warping your lenses when you use them to disinfect your headset.

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