Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! Now that a PlayStation VR (PSVR) has made its way into your life, you wanna find the best display dock to show off your new equipment. So whether you prefer your command center of gaming to be neat and tidy or are just tired of unpacking and repacking your VR headset, we've got some of the best options for you listed below.

Room for games: FlexDin PlayStation PS4 VR Charging Station

These days most people are only buying digital copies of their games. It's less clutter in your house and usually a cheaper price, but there are always those games you want to have a physical copy of because they're your favorite. While this charging dock doesn't have a spot for your Aim controller or headphones, it does have a spot to hold a small number of your favorite games and your PlayStation itself.

$33 at Amazon

Runner-up: Collective Minds PS4 VR Showcase Stand Plus

My runner-up dock has to go to Collective Minds' and their ability to put a piece of equipment together that will hold all of your PSVR gear at the same time. Yes, that means this dock is able to charge two of your Dualshock controllers, two of your Move controllers and even your Aim controller while still having a spot in the back to hang your headphones!

$45 at Amazon

Bright and shiny!: PSVR Charging Stand with Optional Illumination

When it comes to looks my heart belongs to Asterion Products' dock stand. The sleek and low profile of the set-up has everything tight-nit and fitting together like a finely tuned engine. It has a place for your two Dualshock, 2 Move controllers, your headset, and your headphones!

$45 at Amazon

Everything you need: ieGeek all in one Vertical Stand

Last but not least we have ieGeek's charging stand. Here we have a similar appearance as the FlexDin where the headset rests on top, but in this case, all of your controllers will rest tactfully on the sides of the dock stand. Another cool thing about this dock is that there is also a stand to hold the processor box for your PSVR which is a nifty addition I did not see on the other docks!

$29 at Amazon

Clean and easy: PowerA Charge & Display Station

The PowerA charge and display is one of my favorite looking stations. The curved top for the VR headset means there is no chance of it falling off and breaking by accident, and the controller clips into place with a nice spring loaded action. Everything feels sturdy when connected and looks great.

$42 at Amazon

Teeny tiny: Puroma Upgraded 4-in-1 Charge & Display Stand

With a super low profile and the ability to store your PSVR external processing unit, this charger is for those who want to keep excess clutter to a minimum. It does have a pretty blue light though, just to make it look a little fancy. Cheap and small is a winning combination in my eyes.

$24 at Amazon

These are certainly the best stands I have seen for the PSVR. There a lot more out there but they all seem to be reproductions of these top six. I think my favorite may be the PowerA Charge & Display Station. It just looks really elegant with its long neck and domed top. It's a great station for sure.

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