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It doesn't matter if you're into shooting, flying, music, adventure, or silly games that involve putting bacon in a blender. There really is something for everyone to enjoy on the PlayStation VR. While that's wonderful to know, it does make it hard to figure out which games you should go for first. Here at Android Central, we've played through all of them and have some spectacular suggestions for you.

★ Featured favorite: Ghost Giant

Meet Louis, discover what's been plaguing his daily life, and figure out how you can help him. You'll come out a different person on the other end, I swear it. Ghost Giant is a captivating title. Not only is it worth playing a second time, but it's worth showing all of your friends and family too. It offers real life lessons and plenty of heart-wrenching content.

$30 at Amazon

Open world roleplay: Skyrim VR

Most of us have already become the Dragonborn we were destined to become, but the open world of Skyrim is so much better to experience in VR. You can access two different types of locomotion to ensure that you don't suffer from motion sickness, and the ability to dual wield spells has also been added. Fus Ro Dah, friends!

$40 at Amazon

Jedi beats: Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the best ways to get super active in VR, and is one of the most addictive virtual games around. The object of the game is to slice and dice the blocks that are flying at you to the beat of the music playing. Do a little dance while you're at it, and see if you can beat your friends' scores!

$30 at PlayStation Store

Another small friend: Moss

Solve puzzles in order to get your new mouse friend Quill back to her uncle before it's all too late. You'll have to manipulate the environment around her so you can protect her from any enemies that might come her way. Moss plays like a fairytale full of wonder, with stunning visuals and an absolutely captivating story.

$30 at Amazon

Psychological horror: The Inpatient

The Inpatient, a prequel to Until Dawn, takes you into the Sanatorium where you have to figure out who you truly are. It's time for you to discover why you ended up here and how you lost all your memories. Will you remember who you are in time to escape?

From $20 at Amazon

Zombie simulator: Killing Floor Incursion

This sci-fi horror is bound to get your heart racing. In your attempts to survive this zombie-infested world, you have the options of fighting with guns, axes, knives, and even the severed limbs of the zombies you kill. Get the adrenaline rush you've been looking for with these downright terrifying fight experiences.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Multiplayer fun: Rec Room

You can join friends or make some new ones in Rec Room. There's plenty of online fun to be had with spectacular mini-games like Laser Tag, Ping Pong, and even a first-person shooter that resembles Fortnite! If you get bored with one activity, there is always another game — and another opponent — waiting for you.

FREE at PlayStation Store

Sci-Fi meets fantasy: Apex Construct

Take a journey through a crumbled society with Apex Construct. The war between Mother and Father — sentient robots that now hold control over the Earth — is just as interesting as it is mysterious. Battle waves of robots while you unlock the secrets of what really happened to society when it fell, and which side you truly want to be on!

$20 at Amazon

Space adventures: Eve: Valkyrie

If you're a fan of flying through space and shooting things, either by yourself or with others, you need Eve: Valkyrie in your life. CCP Games puts you in the cockpit of some incredible interplanetary fighters so you and your friends can really jump in and feel the action.

$20 at Amazon

Save the world: DOOM VFR

Head back into the Hell dimension we know as DOOM. Take on familiar demons and make your way through the UAC space station to save it from the infestation before it falls apart! As the last known hope for humankind on Mars, it's up to you to get the job done.

$25 at Amazon

Work, work, work!: Job Simulator

Job Simulator is the perfect game to get into VR with. It doesn't require a lot of movement to play, has a lot of things to grab and solve, and is very entertaining! Laugh your way to the credits with these robot bosses and their ridiculous tasks.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Tactical simulation: Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Bridge Crew is the closest thing to a Holodeck simulation of a starship that we're likely to see any time soon, and it is extremely well done. Either play alone or with a crew of your closest friends aboard the Bridge of the USS Aegis as you explore uncharted territory. Ty not to get blown out of the sky by Klingons!

From $25 at Amazon

Gotta go fast!: Superhot

Freeze time, stun your enemies, and send them to early graves. In Superhot, you play a hero caught in a weird blip of time. Take advantage of these newfound superpowers by using the items around you to take out your opponents before time restarts or their bullets reach you. Nothing beats smashing a bottle on someones face in slow motion!

From $28 at Amazon

Come see why the PlayStation VR has us so captivated

There is something for everyone when it comes to the PlayStation VR, so it can be tough to figure out which game you want to try first. There's also the question of whether you want a story game or a VR world that you can play around or workout in. Luckily, there's a bit of both in the PSVR library.

When it comes to story, you'll want to check out Ghost Giant, which is currently our top pick. The story is mesmerizing and wholesome while the gameplay keeps you engaged and on your toes.

Or maybe you're looking for something to get yourself up and moving? Then you need Beat Saber. Beat Saber is the best rhythm music game out on the market right now, forcing you to keep up with a steady stream of gestures to all your favorite songs. You don't just wave around two controllers either — you have to duck and dive out of the way of the oncoming obstacles. It's a great way to stay active, but it's also a great party game.

Regardless of whatever game you decide to play from this list, I know you'll have an amazing time.

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