The PlayStation Aim controller is perfect for any first-person VR shooter. It was designed to look and feel like a real gun down to the button placements. Realism aside, the only downside is that the Aim controller is only compatible with a handful of PlayStation VR (PSVR) games. Here are all the games you can play with the PlayStation Aim and which ones are our favorites!

★ Featured favorite: Borderlands 2 VR

Modified to fit a single-player experience, you can't play with your friends in a multiplayer mode, but you can enjoy Borderlands 2. Go cause mayhem in a world of uniquely designed visual graphics. The bundle includes Borderlands VR, Beat Saber, PSVR headset, PS Camera, and two Move controllers!

$300 at Best Buy

Otherwordly beauty: Farpoint

Staff favorite

Here you find yourself on another planet with beautifully designed visual graphics. Farpoint is the most beautiful VR shooter compatible with the Aim controller. Kill aliens, explore an unknown planet, and try and find your friends before it's too late!

$10 at Amazon

Infected space station: DOOM VFR

DOOM VFR is fast-paced and absolutely terrifying. Every time you turn your head, there is some zombified astronaut or alien lunging at you for the kill. If you're looking for a first-person shooter that will definitely get your heart racing, this is the one!

From $18 at Amazon

Zombies!: Arizona Sunshine

A good zombie game in a VR headset is always a riot, and Arizona Sunshine has an amazing story and graphic gore to get you to jump out of your skin. You can use the Aim controller to play with rifles and long guns, but you'll need your two Move controllers if you want to dual-wield pistols.

$25 at Amazon

War is eminent: Bravo Team

Bravo Team is perfect for anyone looking for a great military simulator. Take out enemies, plan and execute perfect missions, and attempt to survive a war taking place in modern day Eastern Europe. You can play alone or with a friend by using two-player co-op modes.

$40 at Amazon

Military stealth: Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour is another military simulator first-person shooter, but it focuses more on the tactical approach. Strategically plan the positions of your team, when to shoot, and which enemies you'll kill first to progress with the least amount of fallout as possible.

$40 at Amazon

Night time horror: The Brookhaven Institute

Brookhaven Institute is another great zombie game with Aim compatibility. Instead of fighting them in the bright sunshine, you'll be fighting them at night in the thick of a semi-abandoned town. If you prefer your horror games to be scary and dark, this is the one for you.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Other PlayStation VR games that support PlayStation Aim controller

You won't be able to get a physical copy of any of these games, but they're available for download on the PlayStation Store! Another title, called Sniper Elite VR, is coming to the PlayStation VR in 2019 and will be compatible with the PlayStation VR.

Start shooting professionally

The PlayStation Aim controller has a built-in compatability with all of the games we listed above, but those aren't the only games you can use the Aim controller with. When a game comes with built-in compatability, you're less likely to have any issues with controls or mechanics in game because the game was specifically formatted to use the device. You can always try to use the Aim with any first-person shooter, but be prepared for a few problems.

Borderlands 2 VR is our favorite for all the phenominal abilities the Borderlands series comes with. The visual graphic style is unique in it's own right, and even more so when you're put into an actual first-person perspective from the inside of a VR headset. It's a bit disappointing you can only play single-player, but you quickly forget when you get into the game.

What's even better? The Borderlands VR game is available in a PSVR bundle that comes with Beat Saber. It's another game to get you up and moving as you dance to the beat of the music and slice through boxes that are flying out you. There may be swords instead of guns, but it's a phenominal game to spend hours a day playing.

Farpoint is our runner up for the sheer visuals it offers. We all put on VR headsets to jump into the worlds of our favorite games and movies. The better the picture looks, and the higher the resolution, the happier we are. Farpoint may not have as much when it comes to mechanics and gameplay like the other options, but it's visually stunning and the story does an amazing job of making you forget you have a screen in front of your eyes.

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