All PlayStation VR Games that Support PlayStation Aim Controller in 2022

The PlayStation Aim Controller for PSVR
The PlayStation Aim Controller for PSVR (Image credit: Android Central)

The PlayStation Aim controller is perfect for any first-person VR shooter. It was designed to look and feel like a real gun down to the button placements. Realism aside, the only downside is that the Aim controller is only compatible with a handful of PlayStation VR (PSVR) games. Here are all the games you can play with the PlayStation Aim and which ones are our favorites!

Other PlayStation VR games that support PlayStation Aim controller

These great PSVR games with Aim controller support are all available for download on the PlayStation Store:

In addition to these, a handful of new PSVR games are coming soon with PlayStation Aim controller support in 2020. Sniper Elite VR is the VR version of the popular slow-motion sniper series that has players killing Nazis, while Zero Caliber puts players in a squad of mercenaries as they defend the rights to a limited supply of clean drinking water in a near-future U.S.

Start shooting professionally

The PlayStation Aim controller has built-in compatibility with all of the games we listed above, but those aren't the only games you can use the Aim controller with. When a game comes with built-in compatibility, you're less likely to have any issues with controls or mechanics in-game because the game was specifically formatted to use the device. You can always try to use the Aim with any first-person shooter but be prepared for a few problems.

Borderlands 2 VR is our favorite for all the phenominal abilities the Borderlands series comes with. The visual graphic style is unique in it's own right, and even more so when you're put into an actual first-person perspective from the inside of a VR headset. It's a bit disappointing you can only play single-player, but you quickly forget when you get into the game.

Farpoint is a runner-up for the sheer visuals it offers. We all put on VR headsets to jump into the worlds of our favorite games and movies. The better the picture looks, and the higher the resolution, the happier we are. Farpoint may not have as much when it comes to mechanics and gameplay like the other options, but it's visually stunning and the story does an amazing job of making you forget you have a screen in front of your eyes.

If you're looking for a shooter with a little more cooperative action, the Crisis VRigade series is a pure gem. Taking homage from the Time Crisis lightgun games of yore, Crisis VRigade is a blast to play with friends. Several staff members have played the title and enjoyed every minute of it, and Crissi VRigade 2 ups the ante and the difficulty significantly. It's fun to play alone, but it's way more fun to play with friends.

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