Can changing the color hue of your room help with tracking for your PlayStation VR?

Reddit user Pavlovs_Human argues that changing the color hue of your room to green helps improve the tracking to your PlayStation VR. So I went ahead and tested this theory to see if your tracking will improve. Whether it's worth your time to make these changes in your room is up to you.

How does your PlayStation VR track in the first place?

Your PlayStation Eye Camera tracks where you are moving while you play your PSVR. As I'm sure you're aware, there's a very obvious glowing bulb at the end of your PlayStation Controllers. The bulbs use LED lights that can use an endless possibility of colors for your PlayStation Eye to see. Meaning during the set up it will go through its array of possibilities and ensure your two controllers are colors that combat the area surrounding you.

There is also a blue glow radiating from your headset itself. The headset also has motion trackers it does also use the lights to help with tracking. While the LEDs in the controllers can turn any color, the headset will always remain blue. This means that, even if you are in a room that is the same shade of blue, the headset will remain the same color. Because of these settings, it's probably best to find the best color set up in your play space to ensure your console can find the best configuration.

Did changing to a green hue help tracking?

There was a notable difference in the tracking when I changed the lighting in my room to green. I found that green worked best because it gave the Move Controllers a solid color to combat against, as opposed to many colors around the room. To elaborate, let's decide your Move controllers calibrate to an orange color to combat a mostly white room you have. Well, what happens when you have to wave your hand in front of an orange painting in the background? Combating those small area's is why I painted my room a solid color with LED floodlights.

The tracking was most certainly improved with this setup, and I do recommend it, especially if you are having tracking issues you can't seem to shake. On that note, I also recommend having a different light stand for your green bulbs. This will avoid the hassle of having to constantly switch them out for your original lights. The best types of each to use are listed below!

Which type of bulb and stands to use

The type of Green bulb you're going to get and the stand you use to display it matters quite a bit. You want to make sure the color is solid and spread evenly among the room. Meaning spotlights will not work in this situation. Most green LED bulbs will do you just fine, as long as you make sure they are also floodlights and a medium base. (If they are it will certainly be specified on the box).

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Now, onto stands. I've seen cases of the usual lamp posts working for other users. But, in my case, I found the light fixture I've pictured above worked best. Not only was it on the ceiling to ensure an even spread of light, the three directions allowed for some personal configuration in case I saw an area that didn't have enough light, or perhaps too much.

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Have you tried setting up a color hue change in your VR room? What were your results, or what does your setup look like? Tell us in the comments below!

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