Best Travel Cases for PlayStation VR Android Central 2021

PlayStation VR delivers plenty of great games and videos to dive into, but over time you may find yourself tempted to travel with your system in order to show it off to friends. Having a sturdy travel case built especially for PlayStation VR is a good call.

We've got the details on the best travel cases to protect your system when it's on the go!

Small and compact: Khanka Hard Case for PlayStation VR

The Khanka Hard Case is a hard shelled EVA carrying case, and it's built to hold your PlayStation VR, Move Controllers, and PlayStation Camera. The headset sits down and into the bottom of the case, while the camera and controllers are held in a mesh pocket. Fairly small and compact, this case is meant to take up less room and protect your tech in the process.

$19 at Amazon

Officially licensed: RDS Industries PlayStation VR Deluxe Carrying Case

The RDS Industries Carrying Case is one of the few cases currently liscensed by Sony, and it shows in the design. This traveling case will fit your headset, wires, and the processor unit. The headset itself fits perfectly into a molded cut out on the bottom of the case, with a variety of cut outs and mesh pockets to use for all of the cords that are necessary to run your system.

$45 at Amazon

Reliable brand: PowerA Storage Case

Another product officially licensed by Sony, the PowerA Storage Case is a fan favorite among many gamers, and has a ton of good reviews from happy customers backing it. It features internal mesh pouches for additional storage, though it can only fit one headset itself.

$13 at Amazon

Dual purpose: Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case for PSVR and PS4 Pro

While there are many cases available for just your PlayStation VR and accessories, few are also built to hold and transport your PlayStation 4 console. That's where the Hard EVA travel case really breaks away from the pack. When unzipped it folds out into two sections, one for holding your console itself, and the other for holding your PlayStation 4 system.

$64 at Amazon

If you're just looking for a cheap but reliable way to travel with your PSVR headset, you can't go wrong with the PowerA Storage Case. Travel cases come in all shapes and sizes, so some may suit your needs better than others.

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