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The best part about VR is fully immersing yourself in a new experience, so you can feel like you're really in the game world. Anybody who's spent time with a driving wheel knows that it enhances the experience of driving games, and that feeling is only amplified once you're hooked into your PlayStation VR. How do you pick the best steering wheel though? That's where we come in.

The very best: Thrustmaster T300RS GT

Staff pick

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheel is the best racing wheel that you can use in VR. This setup includes the racing wheel and three pedals for immersed gameplay. The force feedback is part of what makes this wheel particularly fantastic. You'll feel the wheel pull as you race around corners, and it's a smooth pull that makes you feel like you're steering.

$278 at Amazon

Force feedback: Thrustmaster T150

The Thrustmaster T150 offers a great system with a full racing wheel and two solid metal pedals. The racing wheel has a rubber grip and offers force feedback so that you can really feel it when you lose traction or come into a hairpin turn. It's officially licensed for PlayStation, meaning this wheel includes all the buttons you would usually find on your DualShock controller.

$200 at Amazon

Better customization: Hori Racing Wheel

While many racing wheels tend to run pricy in order to give you the best possible features, Hori aims to deliver the best possible experience on a budget. It's got a 2-pedal system and 270 degrees of rotation for you to find the most comfortable position. This wheel is also licensed by PlayStation meaning you get access to all the usual Dualshock buttons to help you navigate along with Hori's exhaustive list of settings.

$99 at Amazon

Comfortable grips: Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

Logitech Driving Force G29 features a comfortable driving grip, three pedals, every button you would normally get with a DualShock controller, and then some. There's even dual-motor force feedback to realistically simulate your driving with real-life motion and reactions. Logitech is well-known for durable equipment so take comfort knowing this thing can take a few accidental drops or tips!

$199 at Amazon

Drive in style: Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

Looking for a bit more finesse when purchasing a driving wheel? Then the Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari edition is what you want. The T80 was officially licensed under PlayStation so it has all the bells and whistles for controls that you need, including two pedal options.

$99 at Amazon

Budget option: PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel

Not sure if you're all about driving wheels? Want to test out something cheap before you commit to a $100+ accessory? This gaming wheel attaches to your DualShock controller to give you an idea of how it feels to use a driving wheel. There aren't any pedals or extra controls, but it does offer a better immersion than your standard controller.

$10 at Amazon

It's time to upgrade your driving

Most people are hooked after they try the PlayStation VR (PSVR) for the first time. Then, once you're hooked, you'll always be looking for the best equipment to enhance your experience by providing the best immersion. That's where steering wheels come in.

Using a steering wheel while playing a driving simulator inside of a virtual reality headset is game-changing. Not only are you fully immersed in your environment because of the headset, but the driving wheel allows you to feel like you're actually driving the car. The Thrustmaster T300RS GT is the best option for the three-pedal system, 1080 degrees of rotation, and force feedback for added immersion. You can even use it with your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and your computer.

Looking for a final piece to the puzzle? That's where the driving stand comes in. While some driving stands like the GTultimate v2 have a built-in chair for your comfort, you can always find a cheaper option like the Cingo Wheel Stand that only holds your equipment. Either one of those options are perfect because they create an environment that feels like a real car without you having to hold a wheel in your lap or accidentally kick the pedals across the room!

The best driving stands

Here are our top picks for driving stands to match your steering wheel!

GTultimate v2 ($800 at Amazon)

GTultimate v2 has a gaming chair built onto the driving stand for your comfort. The best part? When you're not using the stand for your driving games you still have a comfortable gaming chair for your entertainment room!

Cingo Racing Wheel Stand ($110 at Amazon)

Cingo is the basic set up you need to have a stand for your driving wheel. It comes with stands to fit a steering wheel, pedals, or a HOTAS controller!

Mophorn Racing Wheel Stand ($125 at Amazon)

The Morphorn racing wheel stand is fit for your Logitech G25, G27, G29, or G920 as well as a Thrustmaster steering wheel. It's doesn't offer a spot for your HOTAS, but it comfortably fits a wheel and pedal system to feel like a real car!

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