Best Multiplayer Games for PlayStation VR Android Central 2021

PSVR's library of games keeps growing, and it continues to attract some gems. One thing about virtual reality, mostly due to the physical nature of the headset, is that it can be a bit of a solitary experience. If you'd like your gaming experience to entail meeting some new friends or duking it out against human intelligence, we've rounded up the best multiplayer games for PlayStation VR.

Werewolves WithinSource: Red Storm Entertainment

Werewolves Within

★ Featured favorite: Werewolves Within

A game based on wits and the use of a silver tongue — test your chops in an arena with no negative consequences... save for losing your virtual head. Players join a campfire and must work together to figure out who's secretly a werewolf. Each person has a different role and set of skills to use, the werewolf included, so you'll need to exercise some effective teamwork to unmask the monster before time runs out.

$5 at Amazon
Eagle Flight VR

Birds of prey: Eagle Flight

Staff pick

If you want to fly like an eagle this is your game. On top of a beautiful single-player flight game, there is a multiplayer component which pits you and two teammates against foes in a take on the classic, capture the flag. A carcass has been spotted somewhere in Paris, and it's your team's job to get it back to the nest before the other team. You have screech attacks and wind defense that add a bit of depth to the game.

$6 at PlayStation
Sparc VR

Virtual Sportsball: Sparc

When it comes to competitive games in VR, they're a dime a dozen. Sparc aims to change that by delivering the first V-sport on PlayStation VR. You'll have to throw balls at the target to score, dodge opponents' balls, and deflect them using shields to guard your goal. There are three different areas, as well as different modes of play, making this a great way to get active in VR.

$20 at PlayStation
Star Trek Bridge Crew

Trekkie heaven: Star Trek Bridge Crew

It's time to explore strange new worlds and go where no man has gone before -- with all your friends, of course. You and your crew will pilot the USS Aegis taking command of the ship as the Helm, Engineering, and Tactical Officers, along with the Captain of the ship. You'll all have to work together to succeed, and each position is integral to success in different ways.

$25 at Amazon
Starblood Arena

Chaos combat: Starblood Arena

Would you like to disengage from gravity entirely during your multiplayer battles? This near-comic book style, colorful arena game might be your best option. You are given the freedom to move, evade, and attack in any direction — Gravity is not your ruler. There are character types best suited for any taste and you can always practice in some AI-only modes to safely earn your piloting stripes before heading into the online arenas.

$5 at Amazon
Firewall Zero Hour squad screenshot

Tactical teams: Firewall: Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour is a strategic shooter brought to life through the immersive power of virtual reality and PSVR's aim controller to truly feel like you are in the action. Pick your character from a dozen contractors around the world, each with a unique perk. Strategy and communication are vital in this team-based FPS, as vital as your weapons or more so.

$6 at Amazon
EVE: Valkyrie

Piolet elite: EVE: Valkyrie

You are seated in the detailed cockpit of a fighter class ship, and you're going to have to do some tricky flying and precise shooting to get out alive. While there is a satisfying single-player campaign, the real fun starts when you get into multiplayer. There are three modes of play — team deathmatch, control, and carrier assault — where you can grab some XP and move up the leaderboards.

$18 at Amazon

The reality is...

... you can't go wrong with these virtual reality picks. PSVR has come a long way since its release a short four years ago. Along with all the other VR systems, PlayStation has had to deal with troubles finding its footing, but we are now at a full sprint for great game releases in every genre. Games like Werewolves Within and Eagle Flight are family favorites.

If you desire to leave the flights of fancy behind and hit up something more competitive, EVE: Valkyrie is a good place to look. Not only is this an immersive experience, but its balance between single-player and multiplayer also doesn't feel like an afterthought which makes both exceptionally enjoyable experiences. Grab your PSVR, some friends, and challenge each other to some games.

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