Many of the games on PlayStation VR only require you to use a DualShock 4 controller. However, there are a fair few that are either enhanced by using PlayStation Move controllers or require them to play the game at all. Rather than taking away from the experience, Move controllers can really add to the immersion of PlayStation VR. That's why we've collected the best PlayStation VR games that use PlayStation Move controllers for you to check out.

Job Simulator

Are you prepared to Job? This is a game of spectacular nonsense, where you take a look at the world around you and see what can be done to either complete basic tasks or throw your job into utter chaos. Every aspect of Job Simulator is all about exploring, and with the PlayStation Move controllers you can reach out and do the exploring with your own arms.

It's fun to play, fun to watch, and the kind of thing every PlayStation VR user can enjoy.

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Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR was one of the launch titles for PlayStation VR, and while you certainly have the option to play using a Dualshock 4 controller, the game really shines when you use Move controllers. From within the game, the Move controllers show up as your actual hands.

That means that using the controllers makes you honestly feel like you are in the middle of things, and not playing a game with a headset on. When you press buttons on those controllers, you'll see your hands move or pull out specific items.

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Ace Bananna

If you're hoping for a fun, family-friendly game that you or your children can rock out to, then it may well be AceBananna. This is a game that is based on a ridiculous premise. You have a cache of glorious bananas and a bow to protect them from the hordes of fiendish monkeys that are intent on stealing those bananas from you.

You'll shoot monkeys by using your controllers to mime shooting arrows, and randomly you'll run into boss battles. It's fun, simple, and will have you shooting arrows for hours at a time.

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The Brookhaven Experiment

Horror games take on a whole new dimension when you are experiencing them in VR. One of the best horror shooters for VR has made it's way to PlayStation VR, The Brookhaven Experiment. After a dangerous experiment punches a hole through reality, monsters start to attack the populace. There aren't many folks left these days because of the zombies and monsters that have been running amok. You start out armed with a flashlight to see the beasts who want you dead and a gun.

You'll have to fight your way through waves of monsters by shooting them, or if they get too close, pistol whipping them. This will have your palms sweating while you curse at your weapon to reload faster.

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Come to a carnival roller coaster unlike any other. You'll ride through terror, and shoot down the various monsters that will come at you from every possible direction. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was created by the same people who brought you the horror game Until Dawn. While this game doesn't require Move controllers to play, it is definitely enhanced by them. Since you'll have to fire at the beasties who want you to die, and dodge them when they leap at you.

This game is full of jump scares, but it's a ton of fun for anyone who likes arcade style shooters.

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Symphony of the MachineSymphony of the Machine

The Symphony of the Machine is a clever puzzle game that throws you right into the middle of a mystery without any kind of narration or backstory. Using a series of lasers and mirrors, you'll have to solve the mystery of this tower in the middle of the desert. As you bring plants to life, the world around you will start to transform from a ruddy desert to something bright and blooming. You'll use those lasers to activate different weather patterns, which are necessary to complete the puzzles based on maturing plants.

You'll have to use your Move controllers to manipulate mirrors to properly reflect the lasers shooting through the Tower to solve a number of puzzles. These will start out simple, but soon you'll be splitting the lasers and trying to find the exact angle to hit your goals.

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When crash landing on a distant and unknown planet, be ready to shoot at anything that moves. Farpoint can use the PlayStation Aim controller to shoot at the arachnids that are swarming all over the surface of this place. During the course of the story, you'll be hunting down a pair of lost scientists across the surface of a hostile alien planet that wants you very, very, dead.

Using the Aim controller you'll shoot at arachnids of all sizes and being able to look down the sights in VR to catch a great shot is an experience that should seriously not be missed.

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Do you have a favorite?

PlayStation VR is adding to its catalog of games every month, which means there are new games arriving each month. While there are more games that use PlayStation Move controllers, these are our favorites! Was there an awesome game on PlayStation VR that requires PlayStation Move controllers that we missed? Drop us a line about it in the comments, or start a conversation in our forums!

**Update May 22, 2017, ** We've added a few more awesome games to our list!

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