We all know that the greatest fun to be had in the PlayStation VR is from those epic AAA titles that stretch out infinitely ahead of us, vast games like Skyrim and Star Trek that takes hours to complete, but they are not the only fun to be had. Many times I find myself with fifteen to twenty minutes of free time and all I need is some VR fun to fill the time.

I've compiled a list of games that while not necessarily beatable in 20 minutes, can certainly be enjoyed for 20 minutes stints. Mindless fun, short levels and lots of replay value are whats on offer here.

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is one of the more unique games to come to PSVR. You take on the persona of a young Eagle chick, or Eaglet to use the proper name, living in post-apocalyptic Paris, and learning to fly for the first time. the world around you has been reclaimed by Mother Nature and it looks like the animals that lived in the zoo, elephants, zebra, giraffes, and wolves, have flourished in a world without people.

Graphically this game is breathtaking. Flying around with a literal birds-eye view of a city destroyed by neglect is a visual treat, while the assorted trials and challenges the game throws your way only heightens the splendor around you. If like me, you are lucky enough to have spent some time in Paris it's really enjoyable to be able to pick out spots and places you have seen in real life.

What makes Eagle Flight a twenty minute game is the nature of the challenges. Each one is its own little chapter so its very easy to do one or two then walk away. The alternative is even better, just fly! You can enter free fly mode and for twenty minutes you can just soar around Paris and soak in the sights. Go chase vultures, or follow the elephant march, it's up to you, and the relaxing atmosphere is perfect after a long day.

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Dick Wilde

From the majestic Eagle Flight, we take a sharp turn to the rather ludicrous. Dick Wilde is essentially a First Person tower defence game, waves of enemies doing their best to eat you up while you fend them off with assorted weapons. Dick Wilde is a silly, frivolous, fun little game that is engaging from the start.

You star as the eponymous Dick Wilde, a hunter out in the southern wilderness, taming the crazy animals that come your way with a large range of homemade weapons. From nailguns to sniper rifles, your choice of weapons is one of the better parts of this game, and you can even use the AIM controller too! The AIM controller is one of the best accessories for any VR. The addition of it makes playing any first-person game so much more immersive and if you don't own one I really do recommend picking one up.

Because of the tower defense style of Dick Wilde playing for just 20 minutes is super easy, just pick it up, choose a weapon, a keep playing against the waves. I promise, lasting more than 20 minutes is a real challenge so it should be a perfect little time waster. One interesting thing Dick Wilde does have is a "party mode", you can swap the headset with friends and try to beat each others score, an idea so gross no one should ever do it. You should always clean your PSVR before sharing. But the party mode is somewhat unique so deserve a special mention.

Dead Hungry

Dead Hungry is very similar to Dick Wilde, in that it is a frantic, wave-based game where the enemies are relentlessly attacking you and all you can do is react to survive. Of course Dead Hungry has the most absurd premise of any game ever, but that's why we love it. Zombies have taken over and the only way to save everyone is to feed them from your burger truck! Yeah, I know it's dumb but it's still super fun!

Using the motion controllers you have to pick up the ingredients of the burgers and cook, then assemble them into burgers to throw at the zombies, thus curing them of them zombieism, and proving that zombies are simply a metaphor for western civilizations greed and hunger for material things. Sorry I got a little deep there. Dead hungry Hungry has some really fun mechanics, like using soda to slow the zombies down and deep frying shrimp for a short fix to hold them at bay, that breaks the action up, and lets you get creative.

Like the previous game, Dead Hungry is great for short game times as it a huge story arc or have huge challenges. It takes about fifteen minutes to get through each wave set which is pretty much perfect for a quick game while waiting for something else to happen.

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Rec Room

Rec Room is the game on this list that is cheapest, it's free, and has the most potential for longevity. Based on the recreation centers of our youth, Rec Room lets you play multiple games with multiple people in VR. It's one of our favorite games here as we can play with the team in so many different scenarios the gameplay is always new, funny and exciting.

The controls vary from activity to activity but always use the motion controllers. Some games require nothing more than batting a racket around or dodging balls, others require mimicking drawing a shooting a bow or drawing art in the air with a paint gun. Rec Room really does offer a huge variety of activities to do.

Almost all the activities are between 10-12 minutes long with the possible exception of the quests. The quests require a party of at least 3 people to stand a chance of completing so if you are looking to spend 20 minutes in something mindless you are better off sticking to disc golf or paintball.

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