Doom VFR tips, tricks, and cheats!

Doom VFR is a crazy, adrenaline filled, demon gore fest, and it's amazing. There are a lot of ways to die in this game as the difficulty is amped way up, but don't worry, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to defeat the hordes.

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If you're playing on PSVR get the Aim controller

You get a lot more movement options when playing Doom VFR through a PlayStation VR headset, mostly because you can't turn in a full circle when playing on that platform like you can a Vive. On their own, neither set up is necessarily "better" but right now PlayStation VR users have access to a third controller option which totally changes how you play this game.

The PlayStation Aim controller gives you that "gun" feel when playing, but also gives you a pair of joysticks that you don't have on the PlayStation Move controllers. This means you can dash and turn easier, and lets you more easily combine all forms of movement with greater ease. It's the closest thing to cheat codes you're probably going to get with this game, so take it and have fun!

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Save your Power-ups

Power-ups in Doom VFR happen every big battle. You will usually get a Quad power, berserk or, occasionally, an invulnerability token to help you smash through the waves of demons, but remember they don't last long.

If you can save your power-up for when the last big baddies are upon you. I know sometimes that is easier said than done but hopefully using the tips here will help you stay alive as you whittle away at the lesser demons and be ready to use your quad damage on those pesky Cacodemons and their purple fire spit of death. Be really careful when using your berserk as well, cool as it is to telefrag all the demons, running out at the wrong time can spell disaster!

Dashing through the Gore

Teleporting is very useful in this game, but you really need to get comfortable with the dash function to make it through the game on the higher difficulty levels. Dash lets you quickly hop in any direction, which means you can dodge incoming fireballs or sidestep a charging demon at the last minute. It's vital for your survival, not to mention deeply satisfying to pull off successfully in the middle of a big fight.

Get used to the dash function in combination with other things. Dash and then immediately flash your shield, and that charging Pinky demon won't be able to land a successful hit. Dash backward just as a demon goes to land a physical attack, and you get a perfect opportunity for a headshot. Better yet, position yourself near some exploding barrels, and then when you dash out of the way you can crush the horde that was headed for you.

Telefragging is life

Telefragging in Doom VFR is the best way to get health, it's also pretty dangerous. By teleporting into a staggered enemy you instantly collect all the health pills that seem to live inside monsters. In fact if you do use the Telefrag maneuver you get more health than you normally would.

Be careful though, a lot of the time Telfragging puts you in immediate arms way if you the monsters are all around you. Be prepared to use your shield push almost straight away and then teleport to a safe place as soon as possible. It's a risk, but a worthwhile one, so use it as often as you can and master the art of hopping in, blowing demons up, and hopping out.

Grenade Cooking

The grenades in Doom VFR are both good and bad. Good because they do mega damage on just about everything, bad because they are bouncy and hard to aim. Because they use you left hand, unless you are left handed, throwing them with any accuracy is nigh impossible. To be honest, unless you cook them they are just not worth using.

Cooking a grenade means to hold it in your hand with the pin out until it is nearly ready to explode then throwing it so it blows right on the target. This means a demon doesn't have time to run away or dodge the damage, which they can do if you don't cook it. To cook a grenade simple hold the left trigger button down for around 2-3 Mississippi's before you throw depending on the distance you are away. Master this and you can cause serious damage, of course failure means death, but you know, omelette and eggs.

Of course eventually you get Spoilers the BFG, and you don't need to use something as pedestrian as grenades anymore.

Time is the Fire in which we Burn

I know that some people don't like the teleportation mechanic and i can understand why but I think it's a great compromise to get round the sickness some feel when moving normally in VR. Teleporting is especially helpful in Doom VFR because to gives you a few seconds of precious bullet time to think about your next actions.

Doom VFR is seriously fast paced. When the demon are coming, they are coming hard and fast and time is a priority. By teleporting away quickly then holding the teleport button down as you look around you can gauge where the next threat is and move toward, or away, from it. This is invaluable in the boss fights when they are firing seriously heavy ordinance at you and you need to spot someplace safe. Mastering the teleport and telefrag skills together will make you a machine of destruction.

Your Turn

What awesome tips and tricks have I missed? Is there some super easy skill I'm missing? Let me know down in the comments section an if I can get them to work i'll add them to the list!

James Bricknell
Since the days of the HTC Hero James has had two or three Android phones stuffed into pockets. James is always on hand to offer advice on phones, apps and most recently, PlayStation, especially VR, It's now something of an obsession. Find him @keridel wherever Media Socials itself.