Best Marvel Games for PS4 in 2022

Marvel Disney Hero
Marvel Disney Hero (Image credit: Android Central)

Iron Man, Deadpool, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Mystique... Marvel has been with us for nearly 50 years and they've created something for everyone. While Squirrel Girl, my personal favorite, isn't likely to make it into the Marvel movies or video games anytime soon there are plenty of games to help get your fix no matter who your best-loved hero is!

Nuff' said

Marvel, like any anyone, has had hits and misses, but we stick by them because we love the stories they share with us and the not so black and white heroes we each find to identify with. While not everybody's favorite will make it into a game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes offers the most likely chance to see them.

However, if you aren't critical about which superhero you play and you purely want that feeling of power, Marvel's Spider-Man is the way to go. The branding be greater really fits the strong action of this one. It is one of our favorites from the entire decade and is one of our favorite PS4 games overall.

Even with the loss of our beloved Stan Lee, we know there is nothing but a bright future for Marvel, and we can't wait to see what else they will bring us.

Kelly Peirce