Best Marvel Games for PS4 Android Central 2022

Iron Man, Deadpool, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Mystique... Marvel has been with us for nearly 50 years and they've created something for everyone. While Squirrel Girl, my personal favorite, isn't likely to make it into the Marvel movies or video games anytime soon there are plenty of games to help get your fix no matter who your best-loved hero is!

Lego Marvel poster

★ Featured favorite: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel. What's not to love? That's two of our favorite things in one game! Currently the best selling Lego game of all time, Lego Marvel Super Heroes lets you pick from 180 marvel characters to play, each with their own unique abilities. There is even a Stan Lee cameo!

Spider-Man Box Art

Be greater: Marvel's Spider-Man

Staff favorite

This is the newest game portrayal of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and it is indeed the best. You can really enjoy the free-flowing, web-slinging movement of Spider-Man in this open world adventure. Swing between buildings, run along walls, and vault over obstacles; this game really lets you feel like a superhero.

Marvel's Avengers cap iron widow

Build your alliance: Marvel's Avengers

Play a unique take on your favorite Marvel team up in Marvel's Avengers. Work with a team of up to four players to defend the earth from escalating threats. With a promise of no random loot boxes or pay to win, Square Enix will deliver new heroes to all players, a promise we hope it will keep.

Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale

For a Telltale fan: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

You may feel a sense of familiarity as you help the Guardians in their search for an artifact of great power. Guardians' Telltale Series follows similar concepts of other Telltale games; explore the environment, interact within it, and occasionally meet an action sequence through quicktime events. Packed with plenty of decisions to make, this is perfect for the Telltale fan.

Marvel v Capcom 3

Fatal fighter: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Pick your team of three (Marvel or Capcom) and fight! This arcade style fighting game uses the same tag team one on one fighting as its predecessors where you can swap out your current fighter for another teammate at any point during the match. Exhaust your opponent's life bar or have the most accumulative health to win!

$24 at PlayStation

Comic relief: Deadpool

Did you expect anything other than an action beat'em up fighter from Deadpool? While the gameplay can get a little repetitive at times, the comedic relief in Deadpool's dialog and the hilarious over the top story can really help you overlook a bit of repeat button mashing. In true Deadpool fashion, be prepared for the fourth wall to crumble in this game.

$25 at GameStop
Marvel Pinball season 1

Arcade classic: Marvel Pinball Se. 1 Bundle

Classic arcade meets Marvel with this one. If you enjoy pinball this game offers life-like effects with Marvel based tables that are a unique and a real joy to play. Dr. Strange, Blade, Wolverine, and Thor each make an appearance as well as many more with Marvel Legends Pack and Vengeance and Virtue Pack both included.

$24 at PlayStation

Nuff' said

Marvel, like any anyone, has had hits and misses, but we stick by them because we love the stories they share with us and the not so black and white heroes we each find to identify with. While not everybody's favorite will make it into a game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes offers the most likely chance to see them.

However, if you aren't critical about which superhero you play and you purely want that feeling of power, Marvel's Spider-Man is the way to go. The branding be greater really fits the strong action of this one. It is one of our favorites from the entire decade and is one of our favorite PS4 games overall.

Even with the loss of our beloved Stan Lee, we know there is nothing but a bright future for Marvel, and we can't wait to see what else they will bring us.

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