Best answer: If you're having trouble with Wi-Fi connections throughout your house, especially on your gaming consoles, a mesh router is a great investment to fix the issue.

Mesh networks: Netgear Orbi WiFi Router ($200 at Amazon)

What is a mesh home network?

To put it simply, mesh networking is a way for information to pass through several nodes that are directly connected to one another. A mesh Wi-Fi router and its satellites therefore act as extenders that allow you to get better Wi-Fi signals encompassing a larger area.

Why would I need it for gaming?

Typical routers often have "dead zones" within homes where the Wi-Fi signals do not reach like in rooms farther away from the router. If your router is downstairs and you have your PlayStation 4 upstairs, this can lead to connection issues when you're playing online multiplayer or even streaming movies. A mesh network with a router such as Orbi eliminates these dead spots and provides reliably Wi-Fi to everywhere in your house.

Can't I just use an Ethernet cable?

Sure, you could, but some people prefer to connect their devices via Wi-Fi. Plus, you can't exactly have dozens of Ethernet cables plugged into one router. If you're the type of person who has a lot of electronics and a big house, a mesh network system is a smart way to go.

Mesh network

Netgear Orbi WiFi Router

Whole home Wi-Fi with no compromises

If you really don't want an Ethernet cable or wiring it through your house isn't worth the hassle, an Orbi WiFi Router is a great alternative to give every room in your house fast internet speeds.

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