Should you wall mount your PS4?

PS4 Controller
PS4 Controller (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Mounting your PS4 to the wall is a great option for those who want to save some room or those who just like the look.

Why should I wall mount my PS4?

When it comes to deciding between just placing your console on the entertainment center, or mounting it up on the wall, it really is just a personal preference. It's certainly not a requirement, but there are plenty of ways to do it and save yourself some space in the long run. Whether you've got some pesky roomies or you just like the look of it mounted by your TV, there are determining factors that will help you decide if this is a good move.

Mounting your system on the wall can save room, especially for those who are set in up in a bedroom, gaming nook, or limited on space due to apartment living. Getting your PS4 out of the way can also help with keeping it clean and cool for longer between cleanings. Since earlier models of the console can be turned on — or off — by an errant paw, tail, or a sneaky little finger, this also eliminates accidentally power loss.

Are there drawbacks to wall mounting a PS4?

You will need to remember to have your system close enough to connect to your TV. Wall mounting a console that hooks up to PlayStation VR might be more cords than you want to be draped across the wall. It can also cause problems if you charge your controllers using the USB ports as you'll need to get longer cords or stop playing while you charge up.

You also want to be careful with the mount you end up getting, based on the people in your house and the traffic they may cause. As easy as it is to bump a PlayStation off a shelf or table, it's just as easy to run into a wall and knock it off the mount. So, if you have not-so-little pups or crazy kids that can't stop knocking into things, you might want to be cautious when purchasing a mount.

Jaz Brown