The PlayStation 4 has been out on the market for quite a while now. This means there has been a vast multitude of special edition, limited release consoles put out on to the market. There have been so many that it's honestly a bit hard to keep track of.

What if you found out about a limited special edition console after it was no longer available? Or maybe you just didn't have the money to pick one up at the time. If you are in the market for a limited edition PS4 console that is no longer available, here are some of your options when it comes to buying after it's too late.


When it comes to buying used technology of any flavor, Swappa is a great option and that is certainly the case for PlayStations. You buy directly from sellers so there is no middleman. In addition, you can be sure that you are buying a functioning item and if anything goes wrong with your transaction there is plenty of protection built into the process for buyer and seller alike.

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eBay has long been reigning supreme over the online resale market. If you are looking for just about anything that can no longer be found in a store, eBay probably has it. Just cursory glance and the consoles they have available, it would seem that any PS4 could possibly hope for could be had here. Just make sure to always check the sellers rating. You don't want to give $500 for a discontinued console and get nothing in return.

Discontinued consoles at Ebay


The old trusty standby Gamestop is always there for you right? In all likelihood, you are not going to find an unopened console that has been discontinued. However, Gamestop does offer used and refurbished systems so you might be able to find one there. You can also call around to your local shops and ask if they have what you are looking for.

Used consoles at Gamestop


This is actually one of the places where Amazon does not excel. They do actually offer quite a bit of options when it comes to consoles that are no longer available. Unfortunately, these are most often offered by individual sellers with exorbitant markups. If you absolutely have to have it and you have money to burn, fire away. However, I would suggest the previous two sellers first.

Finding consoles that are no longer available on store shelves can be a bit difficult and times but it can be incredibly rewarding when the hunt is difficult. I can still remember how excited I was when I finally found a TurboGrafx 16 in good working order for a reasonable price. I wish you the best in your hunt and hope that you come home with the trophy you have been looking for!

Which limited edition PS4 would you want?

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