Best Replacement Power Cord for PlayStation 4 Android Central 2021

The AmazonBasics power cord for PlayStation 4 is an affordable replacement from a trustworthy brand. It'll provide the exact kind of power your PS4 needs at a very comfortable range.

Our pick

AmazonBasics Power Cord for PS4

Super cheap and super long.

AmazonBasics items are meant to be affordable, no-frills alternatives to name brand items. Not only are they cheaper, but you get the Amazon promise to go with it.

Who should buy this power cord?

If you're in need of a longer cable than what came standard with your PS4 or if yours is broken somehow, this is all you need.

Is it a good time to buy this power cord?

You won't have to worry about this power cord being supplanted anytime soon. It's a standard issue power cable and is even usable with other devices using the same connector type.

Reasons to buy

  • Cheap
  • AmazonBasics support
  • Plenty long

Reasons not to buy

  • Not made by Sony

There's no reason to go anywhere else

The AmazonBasics replacement power cord for your PlayStation 4 is your best bet if you're in need of such a thing. There are a few reasons why.

For starters, it's made by AmazonBasics, a divisional arm within Amazon which looks to offer own-branded alternative versions of everyday products. Amazon's goal with these products is to offer the absolute bare minimum functionality you need without all the bells and whistles that usually inflates the cost of products. This philosophy is echoed right down to the packaging, with Amazon liable to ship your product in a plain clear bag.

There's no substitute for trust, and we trust AmazonBasics.

While AmazonBasics isn't always the cheapest alternative you can find, it gets pretty close. And no one can match Amazon's 1-year warranty in this field, so if your product ever breaks you have a pain-free route to getting it fixed or replaced. Good luck finding that with the droves of other products made by unreputable companies.

At 6 feet long, this cable should be usable in any home entertainment setup. It's even longer than the one that comes with your PlayStation 4 by default.

Alternatives to the AmazonBascis Replacement Power Cord for PS4

Most of the available power cords do the same thing, and even though 6 feet is a pretty good length, there may be some out there who need it even longer. Thankfully, there exists such an option.


AmazonBasics 12-foot Replacement Power Cord for PS4

It's AmazonBasics, but twice as long.

Same great warranty, twice the length, and still has a low price tag.

Just like the 6-foot version of this cable, the 12-foot replacement cable for your PS4 offers power. Most of these replacement cables do, but none of them come with the peace of mind of buying from the AmazonBasics brand.

Bottom line

The AmazonBasics power cord should fit and work perfectly with your PS4. It's affordable, lengthy, and trustworthy. With a 1-year warranty, you'll have a pain-free replacement process if it doesn't stand the test of time.

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