Best travel accessories for PS4 in 2022

Traditionally, you play your game console at home unless it's a Nintendo Switch that's built for easy portability. However, it's not a ridiculous idea that you might want to carry your PlayStation 4 around with you, particularly if you're traveling on a lengthy trip. It's not the most convenient thing you'll ever do, but with the right accessories, you'll be able to travel (fairly) light and have a great experience on the road. 

The best travel accessories for your PS4

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Choose wisely

Transporting your console and all of your games can be hectic, especially when long-distance traveling. Thankfully, plenty of incredible products exist to take the stress off your mind. These accessories will let you transport your PS4 with ease, so be sure to grab some before your next trip, alongside other traveling essentials. Many of the best PS4 travel accessories work with PS5, too, if you've managed to get hold of one. If you have the money to spare, the Case Club PS4 Gaming Station is a quality product used by many professional gamers that allows you to have a full gaming experience no matter where you go.

If you're looking to travel more lightly, the BUBM waterproof backpack might be more your speed. Not only does it have more than enough room for your PS4, but you can even keep every wire nice and tidy in its own compartment, which takes a lot of the hassle out of moving the system in the first place.

Of course, your games need to be moved as well. If you're looking for something cheap and secure to move the games in, you might want to check out the Trunab game disc case. Not only does it fit up to 24 games, but it's designed to easily carry around no matter where you, and even has room for wires or a controller in the upper compartments. So no matter where you go with your games, just know that you can keep them safe in various ways.

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