Should I use a racing wheel to play racing games on PlayStation 4?

Best answer: For most people a racing wheel will be unnecessary. You should consider purchasing one only if you want that extra layer of immersion.

What is a racing wheel?

A racing wheel is exactly what it sounds like. Standard controllers aren't the only method available to you when you want to play a racing game. Companies manufacture separate steering wheels that act similar to their real-life counterparts with a few extra buttons thrown in to play the games you love. Most steering wheels even come with a set of pedals as well.

What are the benefits of using one?

Racing wheels add a whole new dimension and an extra layer of immersion to your racing games. Force feedback available with many products on the market makes your video game driving experience feel close to lifelike. The Thrustmaster T150 RS racing wheel was specifically designed for PlayStation users in mind and features every button you'll need along with Immersion Touch Sense technology that lives up to its name and immerses you in the action like never before.

The Thrustmaster T150 RS racing wheel was specifically designed for PlayStation users in mind.

Speaking from experience as someone who did this as a child, I wouldn't exactly recommend using one to practice actually driving a car, but they can certainly emulate the feeling to some extent.

As for in-game benefits, using a racing wheel can make you feel like you have improved control over your vehicle, but it takes practice to master.

Is it worth it for casual players?

Casual players can likely go ahead and skip a racing wheel. A regular DualShock 4 is more than competent for most people to play racing games, and a racing wheel's benefits often don't justify their insane prices. Only those looking for that immersion and have the money to spend should consider picking one up.

What are my other options?

Aside from purchasing a racing wheel, your best options are just regular controllers. If the DualShock 4 doesn't cut it for you, though it should, you can always splurge on a premium controller like the SCUF Vantage that has extra remappable paddles.

Jennifer Locke
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