Best answer: If you are looking for more storage and stability, despite the slightly higher price, an SSD is still your best bet.

SSD drives offer speed, stability, and storage

In general, an SSD (or solid state drive) is a faster animal. Mechanical drives have moving parts whereas an SSD does not. The easiest way to think of it is that an SSD is like a larger memory stick. In recent years SSD's have become far more affordable than they have been in the past. That being said, they are still pricier than their mechanical counterparts.

But is an SSD worth buying and installing in your PS4? A few years ago I probably would have said that there were better ways to spend your money. Recently, however, SSD prices have fallen pretty drastically. The days of having to shell out an arm and a leg for storage are starting to fade in the rear-view mirror. While the SATA interface on the PS4 may not be capable of taking advantage of every bit of speed that an SSD has to offer, the fact that the prices are so much more reasonable than they used to be make picking one up well worth the price in my opinion.

Get it for the reliability

A mechanical drive is certainly still a viable option for some people. They will likely always be cheaper than an SSD when it comes to dollars per unit of storage and if that is all you are concerned about then a mechanical drive may be the right choice for you. However, when it comes to durability the SSD will win out. A mechanical hard drive has moving parts and that can make it susceptible to damage and wear in ways that an SSD is not. While a mechanical drive may win when it comes to price alone, it just doesn't compare when it comes to speed and durability.

Our pick


WD Blue offers a lot of bang for the buck

If you want a 1TB SSD at a great price and you want to stick with a recognizable name, consider this Western Digital drive. You will have loads of space for storage with a 5-year manufacturer warranty from a company that has been in the storage biz for a long long time.

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