Best answer: To a certain extent. You can use a keyboard and mouse to navigate the system's menus and internet, but native support while playing games is almost non-existent.

Why can't I use a keyboard and mouse on all games?

There doesn't appear to be technical limitations on a hardware level preventing keyboards and mice from being used in games. It's mostly up to developers whether they want to implement that support. Doing so, especially for competitive multiplayer titles, is a lot of work that some studios find is not worth it. Support in multiplayer titles like popular first-person shooters needs to be handled correctly or else those playing with a keyboard and mouse would have a large advantage over those using DualShock controllers, where the precision of using a mouse just can't be emulated completely.

To mitigate this, some companies have separate matchmaking pools depending on what form of input you are using, but many don't even bother with keyboard and mouse support on console in the first place.

Which games support keyboard and mouse on PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of games that currently feature native keyboard and mouse support on PlayStation 4. Of the handful, the biggest games are Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Paragon.

Are there any accessories that can emulate a keyboard and mouse experience that work with all PS4 games?

While it is possible to use XIM keyboard adapters that trick your console into thinking you're using a controller when in actuality you're using a keyboard and mouse, these come with risks. The biggest of which being that these are unsupported methods, and as such, if you're caught using an adapter you may be banned from your favorite game. Epic Games notoriously did this to Fortnite cheaters.

If you don't want to risk a ban, there's also an officially licensed keypad and mouse from Hori that works with PlayStation 4.

Simple choice

Wired Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

For your basic keyboard needs

If you're just looking to browse the internet or other apps, you don't need an expensive keyboard to do so. A simple wired keyboard and mouse bundle will do just fine

Next level

PS4 TAC Pro Type M2 Keypad and Mouse

Gaming with precision

If you truly want the most out of your games, the PS4 TAC Pro Type M2 Keypad and Mouse is the way to go since it is officially licensed by Sony. The downside is its exorbitant cost.

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