Every PlayStation 2 game you can play on your PlayStation 4

PS4 On wood table
PS4 On wood table (Image credit: Android Central)

Sometimes you need some nostalgia in your life and that means being able to play all of your old PlayStation games. If you already have the physical disc for the PlayStation 2 game you'll need to set it aside. Unfortunately, the actual discs aren't compatible with the PlayStation 4, but all hope isn't lost. There are plenty of PlayStation 2 games available on the PS4 for you to buy and enjoy. Here are all the classics you can add to your console!

What game are you most excited to grab for your PlayStation 4?

Let us know which game from the PlayStation 2 days that you can't wait to play again. We absolutely love the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy because it packs three classic games into one great price!

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  • Paying again for a game I already paid for is not a good deal at all. All that nostalgia **** is draining our pockets.
  • Agreed. I literally own more than half of these games and I am not paying to play the exact same game. If they can run the game on a software level, why can I not use my old disc? Just a sony cash grab (OG Xbox games actually download an update that allows use on the Xbox 1/X, why can't sony do the same>) And before someone tries to call me a MS fanboy.... I do own a ps1, 2, 3 and 4 so I can still play my old games if i wanted to. Being able to play them on the latest console allows me to be lazy and not have to connect all my consoles to 1 TV
  • I have all my old consoles also from Sony. I bought Star Ocean (it must have been recently added) and while I own a PS2 and the disc, This version seems to run in wide screen, not stretched. It's much better then if I were to load it up on original hardware on my 60" TV.
    I'll get around to it again sometime, I know I've played it a few times in the last 10 ears so
  • Everyone is freaking out in other forums that PS4 games won't be compatible with PS5.. there's a reason that PS3/PS2 games weren't compatible and that was CPU architecture. Now that they are basically small computers, I'll bet money you'll be able to play PS4 games on the PS5 (whenever it comes out). Sony would just need to add the games to their list of compatible titles, like Xbox does now.
  • Sony tends to redesign the playstation chipset and OS with every new version. Because of their total overhaul of the underlying components the only way to play older disks is through emulation. Sony has tried this in the past with miserable results. There no reason to believe that the ps5 will be any different. Microsoft on the other hand uses the same architecture with its xbox systems. They are basically a gaming PC with a specialized os. When they bring out a new system the underlying architecture is the same just more powerful but the os has changed. This means just like your typical windows machine older software may not work properly. Sure they could simply make it a play at your own risk thing, but they dont want the negative publicity resulting from this game works but this game doesnt. Instead they verify the game works before allowing it to. Eventually they will only go back x amount of console generations to avoid the time needed for whatever verification process they use.
  • For original Xbox and 360 they are using different architectures than the current Xbox which is just x86. They do need to use an emulation layer to run both. Sony could do the same, but this comes down to money. Why would Sony want to invest money into something that they are just going to give out for free. Back to the original point though, there are tons of interviews talking about the troubles Xbox had getting the Power PC emulator working on the Xbox.
  • It was just the 360 that was Power PC.