Sometimes you need some nostalgia in your life and that means being able to play all of your old PlayStation games. If you already have the physical disc for the PlayStation 2 game you'll need to set it aside. Unfortunately, the actual discs aren't compatible with the PlayStation 4, but all hope isn't lost. There are plenty of PlayStation 2 games available on the PS4 for you to buy and enjoy. Here are all the classics you can add to your console!

★ Featured favorite: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

The Grand Theft Auto series has been quite a riot to play both literally and metaphorically. The role of each main character is different in the story, but the same in dynamic. You're a criminal, but you still have feelings. It's easy for you to do the hard things like killing innocent people, stealing cars, ranking up wanted stars with the police, and more, but at the end of the day, you still have the people you care about and the people you're loyal to. Make the hard decisions, do what you think is right, and don't get caught. This bundle compiles Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

$35 at PlayStation Store

Fighting arcade: ADK Damashii

Head to the arcade with this classic game that came from PlayStation 2, taking it back to the side-scrolling days of fighting.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Monkey around: Ape Escape 2

Become Hikaru, a primate who has a few gadgets up his sleeve, and take on other monkeys as you make your way throughout the world.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Action roleplay: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Humans and the Deimos have been at war for years over the Great Spirit Stones, and this game is all about how you unfold the story of this war.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Arcade fighting bundle: Art of Fighting Anthology

Here's another great fighting game that will take you back to the arcade days once again, with the classic side-scroller style. This bundle contains Art of Fighting 1, Art of Fighting 2, and Art of Fighting 3.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Highschool life reincarnated: Bully

Become a schoolboy who takes on his bullies and his entire school, and see if you win the girl or if you end up in the principal's office.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Old school roleplay: Dark Cloud

Two completely different worlds unknowingly collide in this game, one rampant with technology while the other is centered around nature, as they have to take on this evil force coming for them.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Enticing sequel: Dark Cloud 2

Present and future collide in a new tale that sees our heroes team up to save the world from destruction.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Alien vs human: Destroy All Humans!

The title describes the entire game. You're an alien who wants to destroy the human race and become the master race of all of the earth.

$20 at PlayStation Store

The second war: Destroy All Humans! 2

This is the sequel to the first Destroy All Humans!, and the premise of the game is the same as you kill all of humanity...again.

$20 at PlayStation Store

First-person RPG: Eternal Ring

This game is all about the kingdom of Heingaria as it falls into turmoil due to the elders and the king try to take over the whole kingdom.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Fireworks!: FantaVision

This game is all about pyrotechnics and how to make all the fireworks go off with certain buttons throughout this game.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Final battle: Fatal Fury Battle Archives: Volume 2

This is another game that will take you back to the arcade days of video games with a great side-scroller fighting style.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Arcade fighting: Fu'un Super Combo

Play a couple of classic fighting games that utilize weapons and tag-team mechanics for a whole load of fun.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Smooth criminal: Grand Theft Auto III

A game that needs little introduction, but I'll give it one anyway. Hop onto the streets of Liberty City as you navigate its criminal underworld.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Gang drama: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Head to the city of San Andreas in this version of the Grand Theft Auto series, which is an open world game where you can do just about anything.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Beach crimes: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Another game in the Grand Theft Auto series that takes place in a different city, an open world as well with many different activities you can do along with the adjectives.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Farm and family: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition

Plant crops, raise a child, and raise up animals in this game as you try to teach your kids to take over the family farm.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Fantasy farming: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

Save your village and your family farm in this game as you try to prevent a resort from coming in on your land.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Play ball: Hot Shots Tennis

Hot Shots Tennis is the family-friendly game for everyone, letting you live out your dreams as a tennis superstar.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Murder investigation: Indigo Prophecy

Quantic Dream's paranormal thriller Indigo Prophecy tasks players with uncovering the mystery behind a gruesome string of murders.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Adventure puzzles: Jak II

Jak and Daxter are back for their next adventure, giving us an arsenal of new weapons and powers to play with.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Wasteland survival: Jak 3

Follow Jak and Daxter once more through a desolate wasteland as they struggle to survive and hopefully save the world.

$15 at PlayStation Store

The floor is lava: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Our lovable heroes embark on a new journey to reverse Daxter's transformation after becoming an ottsel.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Jak Racing: Jak X: Combat Racing

If their usual adventures weren't enough for you, take Jak and Daxter out onto the streets in this racer.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Turbo speed: Kinetica

Put on the Kinetic suit and be able to scale walls, do crazy stunts, and go faster than you ever have in Kinetica.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Fighting championship: The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate March

Play as 64 different characters throughout this game, whether you play it in the 2D setting or in the 3D setting, in the classic side-scrolling style.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Pixel fighting: The King of Fighters 2000

This is another side-scroller fighting game that's based off the other King of Fighters games, full of wonderful pixel art.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Death creed: Manhunt

Manhunt is a game where you have just been brought to life, and it's now your mission to find the people who took that life away from you.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Tribal hunt: The Mark of Kri

Become the hero Rau who tries to uncover his families darkest secret to save his people from the evil that has crossed into his home.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Time for revenge: Max Payne

Watch your back as you try to find the person who framed you as a murderer without being killed by the cops or the mob themselves.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Side-scrolling tanks: Metal Slug Anthology

This military-style game is a wonderful side-scrolling shooter that has you take control of different armored vehicles to take down your enemies.

$20 at PlayStation Store

Turn-based roleplay: Okage: Shadow King

Help Ari and her friends become released from the grips of the Evil King's spirit to let your village no longer be kept captive.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Music simulator: PaRappa the Rapper 2

Stick with the beat as the best rapping puppy throws down some rhythms for you to keep up with.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Roleplaying fantasy: Psychonauts

Try to find all of your fellow campers after you realize that a mysterious villain has taken all of them.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Mix and match: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This is a great puzzle game where you have to match up multiple tiles of the same color to solve each puzzle level.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Cowboys bang bang: Red Dead Revolver

Become a lawless bounty hunter who's looking to find the people that killed his entire family so that he can seek revenge.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Sci-Fi shooter: Red Faction

Take down the Ultor Corporation and start the revolution to get things to the way they're supposed to be.

$15 at PlayStation Store

War on Mars: Red Faction II

After the rebellion, a strict dictator is taking over, but you have to do everything to make sure he is no longer in power.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Old school zombies: Resident Evil -Code: Veronica X

Scrounge around for weapons and ammo in this abandoned building as you try to fight and survive your way through zombies and different kinds of monsters.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Swords and monsters: Rise of the Kasai

Protect the dark magic of Kri with all four of the characters who each have unique weapons that will help you in your journey.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Star dreams: Rogue Galaxy

Fulfill your dream of becoming a space pirate and find the hidden glories and treasures that await you in your journey.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Arcade fighting: Samurai Shodown VI

With the Sunpu tournament starting, you'll have to fight other warriors to win the entire tournament.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Real horror: Siren

This survival horror tells the story of a Japanese town plagued by undead corpses after a ritual goes awry.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Combat roleplay: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean is a great RPG fighter that has been optimized for the PlayStation 4 for the best experience.

$21 at PlayStation Store

In the stars: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Play as Jango Fett who has to fulfill a bounty that is set on a deranged Dark Jedi while fighting off the rest of the scum attacking him on the way.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Force be with you: Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Fly throughout the galaxy as you fight on the side of the rebellion in your ship to stop the Empire.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Galaxy racing: Star Wars: Racer Revenge

Become the best podracer you can by beating the other 18 opponents in every race you compete in.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Scary clowns: Twisted Metal: Black

This is a car combat game where you do everything you can to take down the other cars you're combating.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Historic monsters: War of the Monsters

Fight the monsters that have started to plague the world so that humankind can live in peace once again.

$10 at PlayStation Store

Fist fighting fenzy: The Warriors

Take the Warriors through New York without losing anyone to other gangs or the police to escape the city.

$15 at PlayStation Store

Monster taming: Wild Arms 3

See what's outside of the town's boundaries to see what roams outside the unknown.

$15 at PlayStation Store

What game are you most excited to grab for your PlayStation 4?

Let us know which game from the PlayStation 2 days that you can't wait to play again. We absolutely love the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy because it packs three classic games into one great price!

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