Facebook launches Snapchat-competitor Slingshot into Google Play

Facebook is no stranger to social media, so it should be of little surprise to see them taking on Snapchat in their latest release dubbed Slingshot. Slingshot is a photo sharing app, but instead of just expiring photos, users send one photo to a contact, but the recipient cannot see the image until one gets sent in return.

Slingshot launched today for iOS and Android, at least according to the service's new Facebook page and website found at www.sling.me. In addition, a promotional video sharing how the service works was also released, teasing users with the prospect of yet-another photo sharing gimmick.

Will Facebook strike gold with Slingshot? It'll take some time to figure out for sure, but it's a least a new idea, if not somewhat contrived. You can try it out yourself for free now in Google Play.

What do you think of Slingshot? Will it be a fad or the next Instagram? Let us know in comments.


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Facebook launches Snapchat-competitor Slingshot into Google Play


My teenage daughters have tried to get me into SnapChat and I refused. Maybe I'll give this a go with them. I still don't see the overall point though.

I don't think I'd be to fond of my teenage daughter using snapchat. That's just my .02

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Phones have cameras, it's no different. What she can do on there she can do on snapchat (remember, you can delete any pic...)

Also, my teen sister uses it, and all i ever see her snap are pics of her Starbucks or Chipotle or the cat.

You cant shelter kids from everything, and I feel like there are much more important battles to fight than them using a picture taking app. Teach her to have self esteem and to not send dirty pics, dont just restrict the use of a camera app lol...

Duh. Parents these days... SMH. Always pointing the finger at the wrong problem.

You only see it after you have replied? Well that is stupid. How do you react then?!

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So I send you a picture of mine you send me one of yours. That won't end in tragedy......

Armadillo, the other white meat.

When I see it on Google Play it says that it is not compatible with my devices (Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 5, 7, Asus Transformer TF101). I think this is only because I am in Canada. Could someone back it up and send a link to the APK plz ?

Anyone who knows anything about rooting and xposed, knows there's a work around for saving pictures without the person being notified. I'm sure the ability to do so on here isn't to far away.

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So who is going to mod this app to detect nudity in the pics before it lets either person see them? Honestly, that's the only reason this type of app exists...

Why does it need my phone number? We should be able to sign in using our fb credentials. I didn't give it to FB when they first asked for it so why would I want to give it now?..Uninstalled.

While I agree with your thoughts on Facebook; I think he was kidding.

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Probably the country you live in. It's not available for my N5 & N7 either, but that's because I live in Belgium. You can check the reason you can't install an app by clicking on "Install" and then the Dropdown at the bottom where you select the device.

The only reason why I download some apps, is to doublecheck what my children and their peers are using (social media apps).

I don't really get Snap Chat either, but I have it on my phone.

I have been in "I hate Facebook" the past 3 weeks (another rant for another day). And I removed the Facebook App and Messenger from my android device. I'm not letting FB back into my "settings, contacts, etc."

So it's the kind of pictures that Snapchat is infamous for, but with your Facebook friends. Ewww.

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I'm still waiting for Facebook messenger to become a 'mandatory install' like they announced it would be months ago. I still haven't installed it and will stop using the app if I am made to.

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Not available in México. It Suck anyways i guess....

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