BT Sport now streaming on Chromecast

The BT Sport app for both Android and iOS has been updated with support for Chromecast, just as we were told last week it would be. Apart from that, it's the standard "minor bug fixes" bringing BT Sport app for Android up to version 1.3.15. Of course, you'll need to be a BT customer, which means you'll need to be living in the UK with your Chromecast, but apart from that we're looking at BT Sport on your TV from your phone.

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vansmack says:

Are you reading this MLB.TV?

The UK has had the Chromecast for a month and they already have BT Sports....

vader4633 says:

Would love on the chromecast.

brendilon says:

Won't happen. That would royally piss off the broadcast networks who have HUGE contracts with MLB and the individual teams. MLB get's 700million/year jsut from ESPN. The Red Sox own their regional network, as do several of the other large, successful teams, and that is estimated at being worth $60m/year. If you think MLB or the teams will do anything that might jeopardize that revenue stream then you are smoking some serious crack.

eahinrichsen says:

100% correct. We will not see Chromecast support for any of the big four leagues in the US. TV deals are the teams' bread and butter, even for the small-market teams.

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BT Sport took part of ESPN in the UK right? Either that or beat them to the contract for exclusive sport coverage of some sort....

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vansmack says:

I'm sorry. What's the difference between via my Chromecast versus my Samnung Bluray player, my Tivo Premier, my Roku or my Xbox 360? All of which already support to the big screen.....

All MLB has to do is allow it to be casted and keep their (albeit sometimes very backwards) blackout rules and the local distributors have no issue.

vader4633 says:

The Amazon Fire tv is getting support for later this spring.
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WolfpacDAR says:

exactly this.

sdc1 says:

This is great news. Nice job BT.

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Zig261 says:

Still waiting for WatchESPN

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brendilon says:

It's already available on Fire TV, which tells me it won't be coming to Chromecast. I'll bet you a dollar they signed an exclusivity agreement with Amazon.

Taz89 says:

Just 4od and demand 5 and ITV player and then I can't say no to cc

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Agreed more UK catch up availability would be great - I think Amazon prime instant video (mouthful) should support it or at least the Chromecast as I feel they control the market way to much and limit it to Amazon products more than anything making it more than just 5.99 a month because of additional device costs!
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DavieH1888 says:

Being a football fan think this news has just made my mind up about the purchase of a Chromecast

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3Dee says:

One sided opinion unrelated to anything Android alert:

BT Sport: Y u charge a £15 one off connection fee for a no commitment monthly service. Damn you! Damn you all to hell!!!!

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Mighty_Red says:

Good news, just wish Sky would follow their lead, but they are too scared to allow mobile devices to stream/connect to a TV