Amazon's Prime Music

Amazon has unveiled a music streaming service, dubbed Prime Music, that will be offered for free to all existing Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon mentions that consumers can choose from over 1 million songs from the catalog at launch, and is also offering a 30-day fee trail for non-Prime members to check out the service.

Unlike Apple's iTunes Radio, Prime Music will be offered for free to anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription (which costs a$99 a year), and does not feature any ads. Instead of individual tracks, the focus will be on playlists, with Amazon stating that there are currently hundreds of "expertly programmed" playlists to choose from.

The service also allows you to download unlimited music offline, with no restriction as far as offline playback is concerned. Offline music will be stored to Amazon's Cloud Player, which makes downloaded music accessible across all Kindle Fire, iOS, Android and Mac/PC devices.

Although the Android app for Prime Music is not yet available, Amazon should be announcing it sooner rather than later. By launching a music streaming service, Amazon is trying to lure in consumers to use more and more of its own ecosystem. The retailer already offers a dedicated Appstore for its Kindle line of e-readers and tablets, and Prime subscribers can enjoy unlimited video streaming and access to over 500,000 ebooks. On the hardware side of things, Amazon is rumored to launch its first smartphone next week at an event in Seattle.

Are you excited about the service? Would you be interested in subscribing to Amazon Prime (if you haven't already) to take advantage of Prime Music? Let us know below.

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Amazon's Prime Music is a free music streaming service for Prime subscribers


I'm a Prime member, and I'll give it a try. I don't expect much, but I might be surprised. Google Play Music is pretty good.

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I am in the same boat. Google play pretty much fulfills my needs perfectly (except that damn music streaming error!) but i am a prime member and will give it a shot. Only a million songs though... its REALLY not that many. HOWEVER, as long as they have the ones you want to listen to, i guess it doesnt matter.

Same. BTW clear your Google music cache, that fixed the issue for a friend of mine.

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Prime member here I'll certainly give it a try but I think that it will be really hard to beat Google music always nice to have more options though I really want amazon to release an app for Android for Amazon prime instant videos!! get on that Amazon!!!

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+1 needing prime instant videos. Since the price hike, Amazon really needs to do things like this to keep me from cancelling.

Prime member also and I'll give it a try once the Android app is released until then it's GPMAA.
From my Note 2 to you

Yes. I have confirmed that prime music is working on the mp3 app... So fast I like Google play music better... But prime might win out... Too many other benefits for price

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That looks so tempting. I'm not a Prime subscriber but have been very tempted and this just add more temptation as i could drop my Spotify subscription. The problem is that i'm getting really uncomfortable with how much these ecosystems can suck you in - before you know it, it'll be the Hotel California. If we all go down these routes there will end up being just Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, and nobody else offering any of these services. That may be 5 competing ecosystems but if they crush all of the minoes then that'll be a 5 company cartel. Maybe the smaller, one service operators need to band together and create competing alliances e.g. pay for Spotify + Dropbox and get a discount on both.

No worries, I agree. It took a lot of effort and change when I left the Apple ecosystem, and I don't want it to be the same if I decide to leave Google's.

Apple will buy Spotify (after they bought Beats as wel) - mark my words.
Then we do have a world with only 3 streaming services, and I honestly don't give much for Amazon's, cuz' it's only in the US which is a tiny market compared to the whole rest of the World.

It will be Google vs Apple again, and it's really uncomfortable.

What makes the OP so optimistic about a new Amazon Prime Music
app for Android?

It's been 1 year and 11 months 12 days since Amazon released the
Amazon Prime Instant Video app for the iPad(iOS).

As of today, Amazon still refuses to release the same app for Andoid.

Amazon may decide to do the same and withhold Prime Music app
for Android users.

If you click the source link from your Android phone then click Explore Prime Music, you'll be prompted to install the app on your phone. That is, if you're a prime member. :-)
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It just took me to the Google Play page for the Amazon MP3 app (which I already have installed)...

Yes, and there was an update. After I installed, the prime service started. It's really not bad so far.

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Yes, and about an hour after I posted that comment I got the update from Google. Just didn't get back here to post about it. They actually expect me to work at this place. Can you imagine the nerve? /sarcasm

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I'm also a Prime User, but in germany the service isn't yet launched :(
it is always a better to have such a service. I hope there will be much content to force against spotify, napster or beats music.

US only...

Cancelled my UK Prime account, fed up of being treated like a 2nd class citizen by Amazon, regards to this, and their intentional witholding of Android Prime Video...

As soon as Google launch All Access Movies, i'll ge all over it, Amazon can go screw themselves.,

You don't understand the concept of media distribution rights. Why would they intentionally withhold something that would make their service more valuable, if it wouldn't cost them out the ass in licensing fees?

If this can compete with Google play Music and offer chormecast support as well then its a great deal. Play Music is between $96-$120 a year, so a prime membership can definitely be a better option.

I just checked it out, and I'm not impressed. Play Music All Access offers new releases to be streamed. This service is more like Prime Videos, where you get to stream certain songs only. Unless I'm doing it wrong?

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They aren't going to do that. They want you to get a Kindle

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Sounds a lot like Nokia Mix Radio. I just don't know if there is really room/need for another music streaming service.

The inability to play individual songs kills it for me. Google play music it is.

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My thoughts exactly. If I wanted to listen to the radio, I'd listen to the radio. If I want to listen to specific songs I don't already have, that's what I'd use a streaming service like this for.

You are sorely mistaken. There are curated playlists, which is a nice idea, but you can also add any included song, playlist, or album to your Amazon Music Library, where you can play any included song as often as you wish, fully on demand.

For those that have the app installed already, how is it compared to the Play Music app? Not in terms of the actual service (ex. variety of songs), but the app itself (shuffle algorithms, rate of force closes, etc.). Google really needs to work on the Play Music app.

Look and feel is almost identical to GP, except with a darker amazon theme. It's actually nice how it identifies what is added to your library from Prime with A Prime logo.

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Im a Prime member and installed the Amazon MP3 app just now. Opened it up and it asked me if I wanted to use the Prime music service. 3 clicks after signing in and I am streaming a classic rock playlist. I must say I am pretty happy they continue to add things for Prime members. The music quality sounds on par. The mix of different music showed a bias to stuff I had bought via Amazon already which isnt bad. Ill continue streaming over my phone today and see how it goes. Ill watch the data usage and service vs the assortment of different types of music/bands.

edit: I tried playing individual songs. It worked like I was just pulling them out of my library. So it does work.

OK so after 2 hours of listing to the Classic Rock Playlist. The music selection is pretty good. Still random no repeat songs.
Here are some stats: CPU total: 25mins, CPU foreground 2mins, Awake time 2hours, Mobile data received: 100meg, Mobile data sent: 5meg
Battery stat its eating the battery currently at 22% where my screen has used 30% and Ingress is at 10% I have been off the charger for 3 hours 10mins and I am currently at 52% battery.

I'll give it a whirl! Amazon already gives us free ripping so why not!

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Just downloaded the Amazon Mp3 app. Gave me some message that because I have the UK English selected (sounds better on Google Nav and other Text-to-Speech things) it says that I'm British and forces the UK version on me, no choice for music streaming. Forget the fact that I have a US prime account, have things shipped to my US residence at lease weekly, and my phone on my US carrier with a US phone number and a gps lock in the US is using my US wifi. No, because I have a different English selected, I'm British.

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For All who have the app and it is not working, I went in and signed out of the app. As soon as I did, the update kicked in on Google play and now the prime music is working. Not sure if it was coincidence or what, but worth a try...

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The app just updated on Google Play. It is now Amazon Music. I was having issues with it not working after updating Amazon MP3 and went back into Play. Viola! There is was.

I'll give it a try to see how good the streaming is. As far as content goes, looks like Google Play All Access definitely wins with more available content. I did look on Amazon Prime for a couple newly released albums that aren't available in Google all access and Amazon Prime didn't have them either. I could buy from both, but not stream with my paid subscriptions. I was hoping maybe Amazon had some license agreements that Google lacked and they could fill in the gaps for each other.

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So this is exactly like prime video. Not all music is available for streaming. It will show in search results, but you have to buy the song. I did a search for Iron Maiden after remembering when they were removed from Google Play Music, no streaming available from Amazon. So yeah, don't think I'll be using this any time soon.

I wonder if they will do an update for the 1st gen Kindle Fire to enable Prime Music, as of this moment it's not available.

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Pure awesome. Amazon has just saved me $120 a year as I'll be cancelling my Spotify subscription immediately. No doubt I will not be cancelling my Prime membership as I had initially believed I would when they announced the price increase. To top it all off the app has a very nice UI.

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1 million songs is mighty small especially when you consider that I like obscure 80's and current yet still obscure DJ club music. Doesn't sound like this is for least not yet.

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Yeah but if you have a Prime membership already, you can just continue to use whatever service you currently do and check out Amazon's every now and then. I'm currently not satisfied with their music selection, but I like the app well enough to think that, when it matches the competition, I'll be interested in using it full time.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

Let me tell you something..Amazon has really outdone itself of late. I was a pure Google guy for a long time, now they have converted me to use their ecosystem as well as Google's. I have the Fire TV and recently purchased a Prime membership and could not be happier. Great job Amazon. Now lets see what their phone is like. However, it is going to be hard to pull me away from my G2 at least until I can JUMP to the G3 in about 6 months.

Wow. So far I'm surprised by the fact that, like Google Music and unlike any other subscription music player, it automatically reads the music on your device. I haven't explored the interface too deeply yet, but that's already a huge plus for me. Not canceling my GPMAA just yet, though.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

Their MP3 store / app has done that for years, like literally years... I still prefer buying my music rather than paying a monthly fee to stream, and I happen to buy it from Amazon rather than Google because they were available first in Puerto Rico (I'm actually not even sure if Google Play Music is available here yet, works on phones cause of how carriers route connections but it might still not work on broadband).

Point is I've been buying from Amazon for a while, I prefer the Google Music Player but I often use the Amazon one for the "recently added" and "recently bought" auto playlist, with the side benefit that I can leave my other player on whatever playlist it was (driving playlist for instance). Amazon's matching service and $25/yr plan for 50GB + unlimited music storage (for uploads, I had quite a few ripped discs) are quite nice too.

I'm using Prime but with a student discount so probably not getting the free streaming.

As long as Amazon insists on downloading songs to the phone instead of the SD card (as Google Play Music does), I'll be sticking with Google Play for my subscription.

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Well, the first thing it recommended on playlists for me was "Nickelback's Top Songs," so I guess I'll be uninstalling the app, unsubscribing from Prime, and destroying my phone.

On a more serious note, this looks pretty sweet for adding music I don't already own to my library, but the 50-deep playlists seem like a poor substitute for the radio channels of Pandora and Spotify. And given that I'll likely never give up my Prime subscription, I have less worry about putting in time building up a library and creating playlists through this than I would with something like Spotify.

This is definitely worth spending some time exploring.

I am not Prime and looked at the site and can't see any way to sign up for a free trial. I am just offered the $99/year option. Perhaps because I used a Prime trial several months ago? Hmm

Maybe these days, I had like three trials over the last few years... It used to reset after a year or whatnot. I signed up for Amazon student eventually, less perks but I've got a couple more years of free shipping for half the yearly rate.

Just recently was gifted an Amazon Prime account and have been enjoying the video on the TV and the PC even without Android app. I'm not a big music person and wouldn't pay for a subscription but I will definitely be checking this out. I wonder if they will add it to their Samsung Smart TV app. Other members of my family would definitely like that.

I too wonder about samsung home devices. The app is still cloud player with no access to prime music in your library. All I can get out of amazon is "not available at this time", which could mean anything. I just have to move the input plug from my tv to the iPhone to listen through my stereo but it would be more convenient if I didn't have too. I did add about 4500 prime songs to my library so I think it's a pretty good prime perk.

I am all about Amazon! So I went with their Prime service earlier this year after trying the free month. First off the Prime membership pays for itself quickly if you do a lot of Amazon online shopping. I do more online shopping than in store with the exception of groceries. I love the 2 day shipping also! So meanwhile I tried Google Play Music the pay version and after the initial free month trial decided to pay the $10 (apx) a month for the unlimited music, etc offered. I cancelled just last month.. I loved it but didn't want to spend the extra money at this time.
I had been receiving several emails from Amazon saying that I have not been using Prime to the fullest, hinting me to use the music, movies, & ebooks. I looked into the Amazon prime music and let's just say that I was beyond impressed! Easy to search for music with a huge selection and all free! Entire albums downloaded for free that would normally cost $1+ for each song, more for the entire album. Its really fast at doing searches, fast to download or add to your music library. The design is set up quite nicely and very easy to use. I really like Amazon Prime music much more than the Google Play Music andi really loved Google music otherwise I would not have paid for it monthly! I read over a few reviews posted below suggesting that Amazon music isn't really free since its $99 for the Prime membership. I have to disagree. I already have Prime & had I kept with Google Play Music at $10-$11 monthly, I'd have paid over $120 just for Google Music in a year. So I prefer having Amazon Prime for $99 a year, getting all the amazing Amazon deals, shipping etc and have their incredible FREE music service on top of that! Honestly it is a great deal & since I won't have to be paying $120+ a year for a separate music service such as Google Music... I will most definitely be keeping my Prime membership.
I've yet to even dive into the free Movies, TV shows & eBooks offered by prime as well. I highly recommend trying the month free of Amazon prime just to see the benefits besides the free music. A last note, I found some wonderful albums in the music that were not necessarily music but more like self-help, positive thinking specifically several Deepak Chopra for free download or streaming. Also meditation, nature sounds, help for sleeping... more than I have ever seen offered elsewhere.
I rarely take the time to write a review, so I hope I have been of some help regarding this!!
Definitely 5 out of 5 Stars * * * * * best of luck!!!