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Amazon may be the latest entrant into the streaming music business, and could be adding the feature to its $99 per year Prime service as early as next month. According to sources of BuzzFeed, Amazon has locked up deals with two of the big three music labels (Universal Music Group is on the fence) to launch a music streaming service that would be included at no extra cost with your Amazon Prime subscription. In order to keep costs down, Amazon would hand-pick artists and albums to license, rather than go all-out as we've seen with Spotify, Rdio, Beats and Google Play Music.

These limited albums would be at least six months old, the sources said, and would be based on the listening and buying habits Amazon tracks through its own music locker and MP3 sales businesses. The music service is expected to be available across multiple platforms and allow unlimited streaming of the songs that are made available. Sources claim the new service could be launched as early as June of this year.

Considering that it will be included in the (now $20 higher) Prime subscription, it may not be much of a deal breaker to see Amazon only offering a subset of the libraries that competing standalone services are offering. Amazon has a pretty good idea of what most people want to listen to, and if it can cut licensing deals on the cheap, it may work out in the end for all parties. What do you think, would you be inclined to dump your current streaming music subscription and just go with Amazon Prime's? Let us know in the comments below.

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Amazon reportedly close to launching Prime music streaming service with hand-picked albums


Hand Picked? This sounds more like Pandora than Spotify/Rdio/ All Access.
Forget it. I wanna pick my own albums.
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I think that hand picked means they won't have millions of songs like the other big players have. Instead they will pick the albums they think will be the cheapest and people will want. And not have anything too new.
It doesn't sound like it will be an automated mix of songs based off your interests like Pandora is. So you'd still get to choose songs to play as you please.

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I have prime, this is just another benefit of it. Glad amazon prime keeps getting better.

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Slacker has so many other options besides getting playlists based on your listening habits. I've tried all of these streaming services and the best one (hands down) is Slacker. They have the best variety of stations/genres and they seem to repeat songs the least of any of the other services. The UI is very fresh and streamlined.

What is that, almost $50/year? With the rising prices for EVERYTHING everyday, who the hell needs to pay for music? There are apps on android phones that u download any song or album for free and u just transfer it to ur mp3 player or even ITunes.. Why would anyone pay for music?

I already have Prime, so I would give it a try. I REFUSE to pay for a music service.
My understanding of the service is that it is not picking the music for you the individual but Amazon users as a whole in what they are buying.

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Buzzfeed, the place were anyone can post news/articles, although I don't doubt Amazon is going to do this I don't think Buzzfeed is the number 1 trusted source of news and other information but nevertheless this seems a fair estimate to a new Amazon service - apart from the handpicked music bit.

Probably more like an Amazon mp3 refresh

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And all those musicians say thank you. Seriously, what's wrong paying just to help some of them dudes out? I pay for apps just to pay the developer, I usually don't care if it adds any extra or not, sh.. Stuff is not free.

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The artists still get paid something. And so what if the record companies get paid. Studio time is thousands of dollars an hour, and quite a few studios are pretty small.

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I use premium Spotify and if I really like an album buy an artist, I will buy the digital version of the album from Google Play Music to support the artist.

Couldn't agree more. So sad that so many find music worthless... how encouraging for budding musicians. But then again, most of these folks probably don't listen to anything I would consider music anyway.

As for Amazon Prime, it'll help take some of the sting out of the $20 bump...

Yet another useless perk to the Prime Membership. I can't use Prime Video, I don't use Kindle, and I don't need a streaming music service. I got Prime to remove the $35 minimum, that's it.

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There's a rumor that as with their streaming video library, you will not be able to stream their new music product to any Android device other than the Kindle. It's true... You cannot watch your Amazon videos on any other non-Amazon branded tablet. Amazon has chosen not to offer an app and Adobe has discontinued the Android version of Flash.