YouTube app on LG G3

Anyone packing an LG G3 and wanting to get the absolute most out of its impressive 2560 x 1440 display will want to crank up the quality on their YouTube app which now supports resolutions up to 1440p. Of course, you won't see the option on devices with any lower-resolution displays.

Of course this will become handy as more quad-HD displays start getting built into devices, not to mention once videos start being uploaded in resolutions over 1080p more often. Even then, you're dealing with longer buffering times and increased battery drain from pulling down those videos. Getting worthwhile content in 1440p can be a challenge but the easier it becomes, the more we can enjoy these higher-res displays.

What resolution do you usually set for the YouTube app? Is it worth setting at 1080p, or is 720p good enough for streaming video?