Yahoo Screen lets you stream SNL, Stewart, Colbert, the New York Times, and more

Yahoo has released Yahoo Screen, its on-demand video streaming app for Android into the Google Play store. Yahoo Screen launched on iOS in September, so it's arrival on Android feels a little overdue. Screen showcases videos from a variety of sources, including Comedy Central, The Onion, The New York Times, and Saturday Night Live, as well as Yahoo original content. You can share videos you like via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email.

Yahoo Screen displays content in a grid, letting you find videos to watch by topic or a specific content provider, like BuzzFeed or Comedy Central, while the top channel is devoted to popular videos. Swipe to the left and right on the grid to a move through a channel's selection, and up and down to find channels. These gestures remain the same while watching a video, allowing you to navigate through videos without needing to go back to the grid.

For now, it seems that Yahoo Screen only supports devices with sub-1080p screens, though we imagine an update to enable support for the flagship devices of this year (and last year, if we're being frank) isn't that far off. You can grab the app from the Google Play Store now.