Twitch brings the game streaming fun to Android TV

If you're a fan of watching other gamers stream their playing sessions over Twitch, you now have another way to watch. The streaming service announced today a new Twitch experience for Android TV, allowing you to watch gameplay, follow your favorite channels, and more from the comfort of your couch. Here are the highlights of what the new Twitch app on Android TV will let you do:

  • Watch live and recorded video of top games, players, and sports events.
  • Follow channels and games you want to keep tabs on.
  • View profile pages to learn about broadcasters, including the ability to check out their VODs.
  • Hi-res video (1080p/60fps) support for Android TV devices.

Twitch also says there's an integrated chat experience, so you can enjoy all of the "kappa" spam. In addition, Twitch says that it has brought a new "Whispers 2.0" update to the standard Android app, allowing users to check their private messages at a glance from the Whispers button in the app.

Source: Twitch