The folks at Truecaller are rolling out version 3.0 of the popular Truedialer app today, bringing to the app a lighter and more capable user interface that plays much nicer with Material Design. Truedialer focuses on offering a crowdsourced Caller ID in the Android experience, and offers those results to help you better identify calls. This means incoming calls can be labeled based on Truedialer's blend of crowdsourced and previously identified aliases for phone numbers, allowing you to better identify unusual numbers or robocallers. With this new update, Truedialer has improved their UI and added an impressive new in-line search function, the combination of which makes this app significantly more useful than your stock dialer.

We've been using the new Truedialer for about a week now, and the experience is leaps and bounds ahead of what you normally get in a smartphone dialer. The UI is nice an clean, even offering a dark theme for those who absolutely require one to live, and the Material animations for identifying incoming calls and dealing with new spam callers make the app feel native. Dealing with spam callers is an obnoxious part of the mobile experience, but Truedialer does a decent job making the triage part of reporting these callers as easy as possible with this new update.

As search functions go, Truedialer occasionally lacks location context in web results. This can be a little rough when looking for a pizza place in Baltimore and getting results in San Francisco, but when it works the feature is much nicer than leaving the app to go search the web for a number. The addition of T9 search in the dialer so you don't have to tap in the search box is nice if you remember how T9 works, but we found it was usually easier to just use the regular keyboard.

Truedialer 3.0 will be rolling out to all user today, complete with instructions for replacing your existing dialer with the new app. It's a great step forward for those who want better Caller ID — or any Caller ID depending on your service provider — in your mobile experience.