Saturday Night Live launches an official Android app to let you stream your favorite sketches

Within the app, you'll be able to stream an extensive backlog of clips, never-aired videos, and share your favorites to Facebook (if that's your thing). Here's the full breakdown of what you'll get with the official SNL app from NBC:

  • Search thousands of clips or browse by season, episode or cast member to find favorite monologues, commercial parodies, Weekend Update segments and more.
  • Swipe from clip to clip for a seamless, continual viewing experience.
  • Features a new video player that allows you to mark favorite sketches and share them via Facebook.
  • Explore and discover new clips with an intuitive recommendation engine. The more sketches you watch and like, the smarter the SNL App becomes in recommending videos for you.
  • Watch never-aired videos from the vault, including cut-for-time sketches, before they're available on the Saturday Night Live website.

The app also includes an SNL-themed emoji keyboard so you can start blasting out Conehead emoji to all of your friends. If you'd like to get started streaming some of your favorite classic SNL sketches, you can grab the app now from Google Play.