The NPR News App for Android just got an update and it's a good one. NPR News App v1.2 will allow for live station streaming which will allow users to have access to over 1000 NPR programs from over 600 different stations. Basically, the update is taking an app we were all excited for and makes it even better. NPR is also planning to release the open source code for the app on March 1st which will theoretically allow developers and radio stations to make the app even better. You can download NPR News App v1.2 in Android Market now. Good news, right?

Press release available after the jump

Washington, D.C.; February 16, 2010 –  Today NPR launched a new version of
the NPR News app for Android™- enabled devices that allows users access to
more than one thousand live NPR station program streams.  NPR will release
the open source code for the app on March 1 enabling developers and NPR
stations to iterate and improve upon the app.  NPR News app 1.2 is now
available in Android Market™ and can be found by searching “NPR News”.

Highlights of the NPR News app for Android, version 1.2:

  • Live NPR station program streams. Users can search by station or program and then connect to more than 1,000 on-air, HD and on-demand streams
    from 600 NPR stations, including NPR programs, such as Morning Edition, All
    Things Considered, Car Talk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!
  • Share.  Users can share a story via email, SMS, or Facebook.
  • Backgrounding. The NPR News app for Android allows backgrounding,
    so that users can click to listen to audio and then toggle between
    applications as the audio is playing.
  • Listen and Read. Allows users to listen to programs and read news
    at the same time.
  • Extensive Topics Section.  News section showcases NPR’s top
    10-20 topics of the day ranging from Science to Books to World News.
  • NPR Station Listening Choices.  Easy to find and bookmark more
    than 600 favorite NPR stations and hundreds of station on-demand streams.
  • Playlist.  Bookmark favorite programs to play later.