How to cancel service with Rogers

Whether you are unhappy with their service, feel you need to get out of your current contract, or just looking for a change, cancelling your Rogers wireless plan may be the right choice for you.

The good news is all carriers in Canada have to follow the same rules when it comes to cancelling contracts. It's not always the easiest information to find but, we are here to help!

What kind of fees will I have to pay when I cancel my service?

As of June 2015, The Wireless Code created by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) laid out universal rules for all cell carriers across Canada. The highlights you need to know about when cancelling a cell contract include:

  • No more three-year contracts (even if you signed a deal before June 2015).
  • No more 30-day notice required before cancelling your contract.
  • No more cancellation fees (just device subsidy fees).

Whether you are on Rogers, their subsidiary Fido, or any other Canadian carrier, these rules apply. The only thing you will have to pay when you cancel is the remaining balance of your phone's device subsidy if you have had it for less than 24 months.

What is a device subsidy?

That's a good question and the easiest way to explain is with math.

  • Device subsidy = phone cost - initial payment

For example, you decide you want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S7 but, the phone costs $1,000. Rogers will sell you a brand new Galaxy S7 for a $500 initial payment and give you a $500 subsidy to make up the rest of the cost of the phone if you sign a two-year wireless plan. In this case, the device subsidy would be $500 dollars.

Does the subsidy always stay the same?

No. As per the CRTC rules, the device subsidy needs to go down in equal increments every month up to 24 months. After two years time, the device subsidy must be $0. That means you can figure out exactly how much your device subsidy will go down each month.

  • Subsidy per month = device subsidy / 24

Using the numbers from before you would get something like this:

  • $20.83 = $500 / 24

How much will I have to pay in order to cancel my service with Rogers?

Knowing that you will have to pay the remaining device subsidy on your phone, you can use this equation to figure out exactly how much you should have to pay.

  • Remaining device subsidy = subsidy per month x number of months left on contract

Using the same numbers from the example above, let's say you are trying to cancel your plan after six months which mean you still have 18 months left on your contract.

  • $374.94 = 20.83 x 18

Is there any way I can avoid paying these fees?

Chances are slim that you can avoid paying these fees but there are a few things you can try.

Poor service

The contract you signed also holds Rogers accountable to the service they have promised you. If you are cancelling your Rogers service because you think they breached the terms of your contract, you can always try to point on what the company failed to deliver on.

New provider pays your fees

This is probably a long shot, but if you were to go to Bell or Telus and tell them you want to leave Rogers, they may be willing to buy out your contract for you.

What is the easiest way to get out of a contract?

If you are desperate to get out of Rogers and they seem to be making you jump through a few hoops or keep offering you special deals and incentives in order to make you stay, tell them you are leaving the country. If they don't have service where you are going, they will probably just ask you to pay the fees you owe and thank you for your patronage.

The bottom line

Cancelling your Rogers service is always going to be easier and cheaper the longer you wait because you will have paid more of the balance owing on your phone. Remember, if it's been longer than 24 months, Rogers can't charge you anything in order to cancel their service.

Luke Filipowicz