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The BBC has traditionally been big on Android, and mobile content in general -- back in 2010 it was one of the first broadcasters to bring live, streaming TV to the platform in its iPlayer app. Today the Beeb launches its latest mobile endeavor -- a re-vamped BBC Sport mobile site with support for video streaming over mobile networks.

Right now the new site features the same video clips found on the BBC Sport desktop page. But when the BBC is covering a sporting event live, as it's doing with the Euro 2012 soccer football championship and the Olympic Games, those live video streams will be available on mobile too.

In the past the BBC had limited this sort of thing to Wifi users, presumably to avoid the wrath of network operators. But with the increasing speed of 3G and HSPA+ networks across the country, it seems the broadcaster decided it's safe to make the switch. Needless to say, the video content is limited to users in the UK for the moment.

The new mobile site is live now at To view video content, you'll need an Android device running version 2.2 or better, or an iPhone or iPad on iOS 5 or greater.

Source: BBC Blog; More: BBC Sport Mobile