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Anyone packing an LG G3 and wanting to get the absolute most out of its impressive 2560 x 1440 display will want to crank up the quality on their YouTube app which now supports resolutions up to 1440p. Of course, you won't see the option on devices with any lower-resolution displays.

Of course this will become handy as more quad-HD displays start getting built into devices, not to mention once videos start being uploaded in resolutions over 1080p more often. Even then, you're dealing with longer buffering times and increased battery drain from pulling down those videos. Getting worthwhile content in 1440p can be a challenge but the easier it becomes, the more we can enjoy these higher-res displays.

What resolution do you usually set for the YouTube app? Is it worth setting at 1080p, or is 720p good enough for streaming video?


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YouTube for Android supports 1440p video streaming


Really, I'm still waiting for my 1080p devices to get 1080p support. Googles own nexus 7 still don't have it yet the YouTube app on the Ipad 4 has had that option for months now.. Google are slow as hell when rolling out features on there own platform, it's like they put more effort with ios.

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Exactly, you would think the nexus 10 would have supported higher resolutions years ago. Even with all the damn pixels on it it's limited to 720p.

That's because they do. They are a business and it appears that they make more money off IOS. I mean really, most Android users I know got the phone because it was cheap and they are cheap and won't really use the devices for what they are capable of. One person I know thought that just by going on the play sore she'd have to pay more, even when on Wi-Fi! I couldn't even get her to think otherwise. Another one thought that a 5 mega pixel photo from a cheapo LG metro phone was great and when I suggested otherwise the person exploded. This person thinks that getting a phone for over $100 is a sin and won't get anything on contract either. Most IOS users I see actually use the device and have downloaded apps. It really is sad. Most of the time I really think that if feature phones were still available in abundance as they were a couple years ago most Android users would be all over it. The way I see it is that most people that have Android phones, especially if they are not really into tech, aren't really Android users but are rather simply people that happen to have Android and this shows in the way Google treats Android and IOS.

Even so a majority of the people purchasing nexus devices purchase them for their abilities and to utilize them to their full potential. Couple that with the fact that they are google's main devices, built originally to show off the software, you'd think they'd be the first to get this update.

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Why are you bringing up the nexus devices? I'm using a GPE device, do you really think the rest of the market even knows what those words mean? do you think they even care? My point was that they won't buy higher end devices simply because they are quality devices that cost over $100 and most Android consumers are cheap. Android covers over 80% of the market and most of them would've been perfectly fine with a feature phone but the free or cheap Android phone was either the only thing available or pushed upon them by sales reps because that would bring in more money to the carrier because of the data plan that'd be required. My comment had nothing to do with people like us. What I was also saying was that the people who buy the iPhone are more willing to spend money on apps or even download and use them. In a general sense, people who buy the iPhone know what they want. They want apps and quality and so they think Apple. Do you really believe that Android users on a whole think like that? Most of them don't. Google knows this and gives IOS preferential treatment.

You're typing a whole lot of nothing...Google updates Android with its apps first and foremost. Some things are rolled out incrementally but will eventually reach the phones it needs to. I don't quite even see why you've brought up something as irrelevant as iOS here.

If you like Battlefield then check out XfactorGaming, he uploads his videos 1440p. The higher bit rate on my 1080p monitor is well worth it.

Oh because I phones have a basic standard and all use the same hardware for the class they are. Where as Android is mix and matched.

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Can't get it yet on my Verizon G3. I've tried HD videos, 4K videos and even searching for 1440p videos. Would love to know how you guys got this magic to work.

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Same here would love to know how to get that option it is pretty awesome how there are already companies adopting QHD.

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YouTube video has little bearing for me to want to stream past 720. Pixelated dumb ass challenges is suffice.

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720p is fine for pretty much everything. The only time I bump up the resolution is during one of those HD timelapse videos.

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Rebooted the app still only 720p max on my 2nd gen nexus 7. Annoying me cause my brothers ipad has had 1080p options for months yet people on Googles own devices are still waiting.

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Worked for me after rebbot. Did you vew a 1080p video? Or what resolution is the Nexus 7? It will only show what your hardware can output. In other words, if you're watching a 1080p video on a 720p screen, then you will only see the 720p option and not the 1080p option.

I have a LG G3 of the TMO variety and it still hasn't came through.. :-( Can't wait for this feature. You can tell a difference.

Whatever happened to the 1080p update????? I have the S4, it never even got the 1080p update!

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Youtube hasn't worked on my phone for years. All I get is a spinning circle and "There was a problem while playing touch to retry"... How about they fix their shit first, before adding features that only tablet users would appreciate?

Oh I've tried all that before. I've even tried downgrading to the stock version that came with my phone. I've pretty much given up hope that it'll ever work on my phone.

Happened on my G2 once. I think one of my modules in xposed was causing it.

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My G2 just got the option for 1080p after this last update. Before that 720p was my highest option.

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Not all videos have the option but running at 1080p on my tmo note 3 because I have unlimited data to burn lol. If my screen is 1080p I might as well watch it in 1080p and besides that the audio quality improves.

There is no audio improvement over 720p
720p is already HD audio.
You think 1080p is HD audio+?
And 1440p is what HD audio++?
No 720p and up all use the same HD audio

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