Project Ara is one of the more interesting public endeavors we've seen in the smartphone space in quite some time. The idea of a modular device from which we can pick and choose features has captured the attention of many a nerd. And for the next two days, the first of three Ara Developers Conferences is happening. We'll get a look at the alpha release of the Ara Module Developers Kit, which one needs to develop a module.

And you can watch it all at the stream above.


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Watch the Project Ara conference livestream here!


If this lets me add a qwerty slider on a high end display/camera/chip then I'm all over it.

Yeah, definitely! Make the smartphone the current manufacturers have refused to make the past 5yrs!

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Well, they usually just use embedded YouTube URLs so you can cast most of their videos.

Unfortunately though, we still can't cast live streams as far as I know. :(

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Does anybody know where one could watch this conference after it is over?

Thanks! Cant wait to see how Project Ara turns out!!

Sometime after the live stream finishes it should be uploaded as a normal video on the same channel. I *think* YouTube actually does it automatically.

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That was exciting and incredibly informative, can't wait until tomorrows live stream and further as this project develops into a final product(s).