Been looking to make use of that front-facing camera on your tablet by sharing your daily adventures with the World? If so, Ustream has now given you a Honeycomb optimized way of completing that mission. Ustream for Honeycomb has been released to the Android Market and is looking pretty spiffy. Users can not only now broadcast from their tablets but also tune into live shows from anywhere a connection is available. In other words, you now have a perfect way to tune into the Android Central podcast on Thursday nights.


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Ustream gains Honeycomb support, lets you broadcast and view live video


Unless TiPb's Georgia moves to Android Central I just don't want any video AC podcasts. I see enough neck beards in the mirror.

Nice to see Honeycomb support chugging along .. . . but I still think I'm at least one CES away from getting an Android Tablet. That's enough time for the GOOG and Manufacturers to work out the kinks... And for more Tablet apps to hit the Market. Until then... I'll just rock with my EVO4G (soon to be upgraded to who knows what)