The folks from Ustream are celebrating today with their app having now hit 2.5 Million downloads. To ensure everyone else can get in on the celebrations, they've gone ahead and released Ustream v2.0 to the masses bringing along some improvements and requested features including a fresh new UI and more:

  • Quick Broadcast widget - Go live right on the spot using the new Quick Broadcast widget. You can easily place it on your Android home screen, and simply tap it whenever you see something interesting. It will go live instantly, broadcasting to an unlimited audience using the camera of your device. Please sign in and select your channel before your first broadcast.
  • Premium Membership, Ad-Free, In-App Billing support - The Ustream Android app has always been free to download for the community. To maintain its development, the app is supported by unobtrusive banner ads appearing at the bottom of some screens. Enjoy Ad-Free experience at any time by purchasing Premium Membership – either in the app using Google Wallet or on the Ustream website. Your Membership benefits will work on all your Android (and even iOS) devices, but you get even more at
  • Korean localization - In addition to English and Japanese, the Ustream Android app supports Korean language starting from version 2.0.

The ad-free option is pretty sweet if you're going to be going with a premium membership. That means if you're using the Ustream app to listen to the world's greatest Android podcast each Thursday night, you'll not have to deal with audio ads nor any ads in the app itself now. The update to v2.0 is available on the Google Play Store and you'll find the download beyond the break.


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Ustream app hits 2.5 million downloads, version 2.0 is released


I don't see a update hmm no wonder I don't see it the update was out on march 19 a week ago. So most of us already have it.

I want to add something here quick. I haven't been to UStream since about this time last year, watching the Decorah Eagles. But I do remember some time ago, a lot of Data overage screaming going on back then. It seemed that if you left, or backed out of a Live Stream the wrong way? That the Data stream would continue in the background. Folks started going 'over' their limit, just during a weekend. Then soon got billed, and wondered what was going on? We traced it back to this App. I assume they have that all figured out by now, right? :-/

it tells me it wont work on my device galaxy tab P1010(wifi only)

installed wifi only version of app

says requires android 2.1 and up im running gingerbread 2.3.6