Slacker Radio for Android

If you're a user of Slacker Radio, head on over to the Android Market and update the app. (This one deals with permissions, so it won't update automatically.) There are a handful of bugfixes, but the big one for us is that you'll now get higher bitrates and larger album art when streaming over a 4G network.

And speaking of Slacker Radio, we've got a handful of free subscriptions of varying lengths that we're giving away. Hit up this thread in the Android Central Forums to enter.


Reader comments

Slacker updated for better 4G streams, plus we've got subscriptions to give away!


What I want to know is with all of the varying definitions of 4G what counts as 4G
HSDPA/HSUPA,HPSA+,WiMax,LTE and what bitrate is the newer quality audio.

Slacker over pandora Hands Down! I used it on my BB Storm1 before converting to the Moto Droid 1and it is even better than before!

I wonder if the slacker app will look for android to recognize a "4G" network, or if it will just scale accordingly when connection is adequate (perhaps above 3-4mbps). In that case, WIMAX, LTE, HSPA+, and occasionally HSPA(both ATT and T-Mobile) would most likely see the bit rate boost. If true, very cool.