Slacker Radio for Android

If you're a user of Slacker Radio, head on over to the Android Market and update the app. (This one deals with permissions, so it won't update automatically.) There are a handful of bugfixes, but the big one for us is that you'll now get higher bitrates and larger album art when streaming over a 4G network.

And speaking of Slacker Radio, we've got a handful of free subscriptions of varying lengths that we're giving away. Hit up this thread in the Android Central Forums to enter.

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agraceffa says:

Yep, except its broken. Says it can't find wifi or wireless connection. Great.

thegoob says:

slacker radio is awesome, never freezes, and has more music then pandora

thegoob says:

slacker radio is awesome, never freezes, and has more music then pandora

johnny99 says:

The new Slacker app is working fine for me. I like Slacker a lot better than Pandora.

movielover76 says:

What I want to know is with all of the varying definitions of 4G what counts as 4G
HSDPA/HSUPA,HPSA+,WiMax,LTE and what bitrate is the newer quality audio.

love the stations slacker has !! indie chill is amazing to fall asleep to !!

jon53179#AC says:

Slacker over pandora Hands Down! I used it on my BB Storm1 before converting to the Moto Droid 1and it is even better than before!

wbeartn says:

I've used slacker for a long time now. Use it instead of satellite radio.

gunderson says:

I wonder if the slacker app will look for android to recognize a "4G" network, or if it will just scale accordingly when connection is adequate (perhaps above 3-4mbps). In that case, WIMAX, LTE, HSPA+, and occasionally HSPA(both ATT and T-Mobile) would most likely see the bit rate boost. If true, very cool.

blindguy says:

Slacker Radio is awesome. Thanks for the contest.

UncleMike says:

Thread was closed on January 30. And the winners are?