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By the way (if you haven't already noticed this by now): If you root your Kindle Fire, Amazon's streaming video will balk at you. The good news is it takes just a few seconds to unroot using SuperOneClick, and everything is both hunky and dory. Still, we'd prefer to not be thought of as potential pirates all the time, m'kay, Amazon?

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gdbjr says:

Don't go blaming amazon. Blame the movie industry. They are the ones who think you are a potential pirate.

eahinrichsen says:

They're the ones who *know* we're all potential pirates. :)

Protato says:

I don't get why they even do this. Limit their service? Piracy is much easier anyways.

bjs188 says:

so, can you root, sideload apps, maybe even google market, another launcher, then unroot to stream? Or can you not unroot with sideloaded apps on? Or can you stream rooted thru the browser like the touchpad, just not amazon's native player?

That's exactly what I just did.

BigKenW says:

Phil, so you rooted yours, installed the Android Market and unrooted? You aren't having any FC's or anything like that. I have some apps I paid good cash for I want on the Fire, like Touchdown. I bought them before the Amazon Marketplace was out there.

Kujako says:

Dont need to. Just check the little check box that allows installing APKs from untrusted sources and copy them to the device using a USB cable. Then use any of the 100s of file managers to found and launch the APK. No rooting needed or side loading needed. You can even just email the APK to the device.

vansmack says:

Hmm...I wonder if this means Amazon Video will not be made available on other non-Amazon devices?

pkcable says:

I have not tried Amazon Video on my Iconia yet, BUT they work great on my PlayBook. I can't imagine them not working on other Android Tabs. Maybe it's all rooted tabs? I'll try my Iconia when I get home tonight it's not rooted yet as I have 3.2 installed on it. I updated before I realized you couldn't root it if you were on 3.2! :p

vansmack says:

That would be awesome. Please report back - I would love Amazon Streaming on my Galaxy Tab 10.1...

slackerjack says:

You can - I stream Prime movie content through Amazon (through the web-browser) all of the time!


pkcable says:

Yes Amazon Instant Streaming works fine on my Iconia. Now remember I am NOT rooted. Also I'm on 3.2, I read somewhere that versions under 3.1 have some issues with streaming videos. (I believe the blog I was reading was referring to hulu, BUT it might apply to Amazon also) I'm pretty sure that the Galaxy has 3.2 now and certainly you can at least put 3.1 on it.

vansmack says:

Thanks for reporting back. I think the streams might have been crossed...

I was referring to the Amazon Video APP (apk) - not the web based version. I was thinking the APK would not be available for non-Amazon Tablets if there's a root-check for GB, when most tablets are running HC or ICS.

vansmack says:

Found the APK:

Worked on HC 3.1 (Galaxy Tab 10.1)

Caveats - root limit still applies, you must purchase something to get Prime access, and it only works over wifi.

lorcha says:

Not that I would ever pirate digital content, but if I were ever going to do something so antisocial, why would I go to the trouble of getting the content via a rooted kindle? Off the top of my head, I can think of about 10 ways to pirate content that are about 100x more convenient.

Oh well, glad the problem can be solved by unrooting.

frmorrison says:

How is pirating digital content antisocial? Anyway, at least the initial version of Google Video did not play on rooted Android phones. The licensing deals may have prompted the root check.

jefbystereo says:

Is this an app that plays the videos? I am an amazon prime subscriber and I would love to have this on a phone if I dont end up getting a kindle fire

BigKenW says:

I just got mine and yes, FINALLY, an Amazon APP for playing Prime videos. It played the stuff I bought plus some prime stuff. Looked really good, sounded great. Makes me wish this app was on the Iconia. It would make that tablet complete.

You need a free movie every now and then...... $12.00 per ticket now in New York.

jmc2543 says:

Has anyone tried using.the app temp root removed from the android market, it works for.the Google video player when streaming. All it does is rename the au file in /system/bin and /xbin to mu, and it can changer it back afterwards too.

shahheidari says:

So after i unroot the kindle fire, am I still able to access the android market?? I want to make sure I don't lose that functionality when I other word when I unroot I should be able to keep android market and access amazon prime streaming again, correct tx

thaJack says:

In a related note, if you have the administrator password to your home PC, you are no longer allowed to use it to watch movies, listen to music, or run any copyrighted applications.