Many people draw inspiration from a lot of different areas in the world. Looking to gather up those inspired thinkers is the TED Talks conferences that have been happening globally since 1984. Whether you're looking to hear Bill Gates talk about energy or Steve Jobs talk about how to live your life before you die or even how Jamie Oliver thinks you should teach every kid about food - there is something for everyone in the content available from TED.

That content has now been all wrapped up in an Android app available now in the Android Market. Sticking to basics with design, TED has rolled out their app all while keeping a pretty straightforward Ice Cream Sandwich layout within. While the app does look basic, it certainly does deliver on the content. You can stream audio and video as well as search for anything you may be interested in with ease or if you're not looking for any talks specifically, you can just check out what's popular and browse through the content that way.

TED is available as a free download, and will work on Android tablets as well as phones. If you're looking for some inspiration, jump on past the break and grab the download. Thanks, Derek!

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markespo55 says:

Hell yeah!! I was cooking food for TED all last week!! Lime truck baby all the way!!

garmiblis says:

I had the TED app installed on my OG droid 2 years ago. Are you announcing a redesign, or has it just been missed this long?

brettlewis says:

Yeah. TED was one of my first apps.

Bla1ze says:

You may have had A TED app but it was not the official TED app.



garmiblis says:

Ok, fair enough. It was the TED Mobile and it looks like the developer is "motherapp". Know if there's any benefit to the official version? The others have had years to work on stability.

SadboyzP19 says:

I performed for a TED event! :D PSHS Spirit if the Sands!

tinnickels says:

Looks decent. However, if I download a talk to "My Talks", how do I delete it? No long press options, no menu, no buttons... anybody?