Owners of NVIDIA's Android-based Tegra Note 7 tablet should check their device to see if they have an OTA update to download. The company has announced that once that update is installed, the hardware can start streaming Netflix videos in full 1080p.

NVIDIA is apparently pretty proud of this feature, saying, "This makes Tegra NOTE 7 one of the first Android devices available in the market with the capability to stream Netflix with sharp, rich HD images". There's no word on any other new features or improvements that are included in this update.

Just in case you own a Tegra Note 7 and are not sure how to get this newest software, just go to "Settings", then select "About Tablet", then head over to "System updates". Finally, users can tap on the "Download OTA" menu selection to begin the update.

The Tegra Note 7 was first released in September. So far NVIDIA has not announced if they will release a similar reference tablet for their next mobile processor, the Tegra K1.

Source: NVIDIA Tegra (Twitter)


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NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 gets OTA update that boosts Netflix streaming to 1080p


Except that many devices, even high end ones, don't get 1080 Netflix yet. Combined with the Miracast and HDMI out that the Tegra Note has, this could be genuinely useful.

In that case, then that puts all the BRAND NEW phones that just released in what...2010? considering they don't stream 1080p netflix...


I'm sure it has 720p, my old S3 can even stream in 720p. But I dont think 1080p is available to many devices yet.

However sadly the HDMI out only outputs at 720p, so yeah, this update is 100% pointless since it's impossible to display 1080p with the tablet.

Incorrect. It outputs everything at native resolution, which for the home screen and many apps is 720p on the Note 7. However, if you play a 1080p video file, the output will switch to 1080p.

The update is only about Netflix. The device does 4k playback. Don't have a 4k device to try that, works to a 1080p display with less compression artifacts. Here's an on screen playing 4k, 1080p, and Flash at the same time.


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