The NCAA Tournament streaming on the Nexus One? A nice reminder -- in case you forgot -- that we're still awaiting Adobe Flash 10.1 on our Android phones. [via JK on the Run]


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March Madness streamed live on the Nexus One (what, you don't have Flash?)


That was priceless. For a moment I was wondering how in the world I missed the NCAA or CBS app for Android.

I hope its just the signal quality that makes the video stutter so much, I'm sorry but 2 FPS is not "pretty flawless" lol. If all flash is gonna be that bad I'm thoroughly unimpressed =\

You're not alone. I LOVE flash "lite" on the Hero, because it works well with websites that have embedded menus.

After watching an episode of House on my phone @Hulu, I realized that there is zero need for full blown flash on a screen less than 8" :)

the Video looks like shit

sry but youtube over 3G looks hell better and does more than 5fps

looks like Adobe still decodes in software as it lagged even more during scrooling and zooming

which is a bad thing becaise the N1 is the most powerfull phone so far and thus other will perform even worse :(

Lol, how many times was he gonna say "roughly the exact same..." in that description? That was pretty lame quality and low fps. Probably useful for some things, don't get me wrong, but silly to compare that to the same experience on a laptop.