LG Spectrum ICS update  LG Spectrum ICS update

Yesterday we got official word that Verizon would soon be pushing the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA to the LG Spectrum, and tonight we have confirmation that it's happening now. 

The update process comes in two packages, with a 26MB package to prepare the phone (it's a big jump from Gingerbread to ICS), then a second 390MB OTA complete with ICS and LG's touch from the Optimus UI. When things are done, you're running firmware version VS920ZV7 and Android 4.0.4.

Since it's a big change, Verizon and LG have dropped a few hints in the OS, specifically about the app drawer layout and finding widgets with the new system. Our tipster tells us "The update is pretty nice so far", and he may just start carrying this device again. Those are the kind of update stories we like to hear! Hit the break to see what we're talking about here.

If you haven't been already, start hammering the check for updates item in settings, then hash it all out in the forums!

Thanks, Tim!

LG Spectrum ICS update  LG Spectrum ICS update


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LG Spectrum ICS update pushing out now


Optimus UI I believe. And actually the category thing is legacy from the last version which you can keep or move to alphabetical but once you change you can't go back (You can modify the order however ) . Categorization in theory makes sense but since you could not edit where thru put things in the default categories it was a mess and not done very well.

It's sad it has taken this long for these updates. But Verizon has really dumped a bunch of updates out the last few days so kudos to them. My daughter's LG Lucid is like an all new phone with ICS. It should have had it from the start.