Hulu on the Nook Color

Have 11 minutes? Wanna get Hulu streaming on your hacked Nook Color (or another Android device)? Android Central Forums member Huskermaina -- who also brought us the excellent Netflix on a Nook Color video -- is back for more.

The gist of it is that you'll be loading a modified Flash Player as well as Dolphin Browser HD. A couple other settings tweaks, and you're streaming away! As often is the case with Hulu, however, it wouldn't surprise us in the least if this method ceases to work at some point. But for now, get to streaming! Full instructions are in the forums (hit the link below), and we've got the instructional video after the break, too.

How-to: Stream Hulu on the Nook Color

Youtube link for mobile viewing

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How to stream Hulu on a hacked Nook Color


lmao... i've given up chasing free hulu... its actually really impressive how fast the drop the KiBOSH on ANY WORK AROUND.... when it comes to Android I'll pay my $8 per month and be happy. Until then its on my Xbox and my iPad (yes I have an iPad 1)

according to Hulu as of Dec 2011 Hulu is now supporated on the Nook Color - go to apps and download and you are good to go. No reason to hack the software.

How well does it work? I used to used PlayOn when they were still doing the BETA. How are the streams and Fast Forwarding and Rewinding on Mobile? How good are the streams over 3G?

Streaming and rewinding are okay, but FF doesn't work. The overall experience is good, but would love to have Hulu as a native app.

I agree, but rather use the degraded Hulu on PlayOn, until a native app happens, then go through the trouble of hacking Flash.

works on my epic 4g running gingerbread.... took me way more steps though since you have to completely remove flash thats built in, all the extra files it brings, and then push it to /system/app/ then install it.

Why does Hulu not want me to watch their ads? Never ceases to amaze me how badly Hulu wants me to find their programs via other means.
I'd try this, but I would expect it to stop working as soon as word gets out.