Verizon FiOS app

Verizon today announced the availability of an Android app for its FiOS customers, allowing them to stream 75 channels of live TV, manage the DVR and watch FiOS video-on-demand. If you're at home, the app also will serve as a remote control for your box.

Verizon notes that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1 are supported, as well as what we presume is the Galaxy Nexus and a few other phones for which, frankly, Verizon appears to have made up names. (Supports the "Nexus 1" and "Moto DroidX" Really?)

The app runs on Android 2.3.3 and up.

Source: Verizon

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So does this work on an internet connection outside of the home WiFi?

If it does, my folks will be changing cable providers.

PittsPgh says:

Ill find out in a bit. On the road with a couple friends, find out when we get back to their place. They have Comcast.

radyoactive says:

Just tried it and it says you must be connected to a FiOS router...weak. Got excited for nothing!

PittsPgh says:

Then I'm not even going to waste my time to install it then. Both friends I usually stay at for the weekends are on Comcast.

ssummer says:

I wonder if there is any way to spoof a FIOS router? I doubt the app has a list of all valid FIOS IPs. It might just be something as simple as giving your router a 5-character alphanumeric name.

pkcable says:

If it's anything like the ipad app then you need to be on a FIOS network for it to work, BUT not necessarily your own. I can use it of course at my house, but it also works at my brother's house, who is also a Verizon customer. It does NOT work at my parent's house who are on Comcast.

NastyNeil says:

Does this take the place of the other Fios apps?

Bruh-Man says:

DANG!! They don't even offer FIOS here where i am. this would be suuuwwwhheeeaatt!!!

tjdalton says:

Sucks that you can't use this outside of the home for any of the streaming. So it basically just allows you to use the app as a 2nd television with limited channels when you are in the house.

I'll be impressed when they let us stream anything we have saved on our DVR.

Why aren't you looking at the Slingbox for that purpose ?

imomperousse says:

its progress can't remember how many times I was out voted on what to watch, this will be well used, do I have tvs in the other rooms yes I do, but what if I stil want to be with the fam in the living room. Or just have the tablet in the kitchen while cooking.

It would be nice to have outside of home, but when I am out usually I am not watching tv...usually

pkcable says:

Yes it only works on FIOS routers, but im sure its the same deal as with the iOS app any FIOS will do. However you can do some stuff from the app away from home like watch pay per view and manage your DVR.

Hand_O_Death says:

I highly suggest people just get a Hava (Or now they are called Vulkano) media streamer. No monthly fees and you can stream all of your channels.

Ry says:

Finally on-par with the iPad.

VAVA Mk2 says:

Lame. Cannot use it when not connected to a wifi network with a FiOS router on it. Basically a second screen at home.

Sorry but this is a win for me. We have one tv and our 5 yr old could watch cartoons all day if we let him. Installed app and gave it a try. Our son was able to switch between his favorite shows on Nick Jr, Disney Jr, and Sprout on the tablet. I think it's neat and hopefully it'll get better and offer more features/channels. But this is a good start for our household.

duanedude1 says:

Have to have a DVR or HD settop box to work. If you just have a Standsrd Definition box will not work.

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Asael Olvera says:

i wish they would add sum more channels...

Why can you not watch any prime time channels live??? Smoking a pork butt and need the US Open outside with me...