Alongside the big Facebook Home announcement today was a short and sweet video which ran through what these new Android apps were all about. Sure, the video is mostly about invoking all the feels for social networking, but we do get to see Chat Heads, Cover Feed and notifications in action. It looks like it's working smoothly enough, anyway.

Expect Facebook Home to be landing April 12, alongside the new HTC First


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Facebook Home video shows Chat Heads and Cover Feed in action


The first 30 seconds of the commercial feels just like FB's chair commercial. I wish they would build a better app before they would try something else. I won't be trying it for FB isn't on my top 10 apps I use on my S3 and this makes it that FB is #1 and you have more taps to get to anything other than FB.

About 3 years too late. No way I'd let a company that can't even write an android app that doesn't crash or have major memory leaks to take over the launcher of my android phone.

Facebook Home seems like it is just another launcher. Is there anything that unique about it? I'm not sure I get the hype about it.