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Feature has been in the Facebook beta app since Sept. 5

Facebook today has updated its Android app. And while there's no actual changelog yet — Facebook's still really bad about that for some reason — TechCruch points out that you can now edit posts. That's a feature that's been available on the beta track since Sept. 5, and it's good to see it roll out to everyone else. 

Trust us, you're going to like having this feature. (Which, by the way, Google+ has enjoyed for forever. But we digress.)

Get your download on at the link above.


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Facebook app update now lets you edit posts


I've been editing posts on my S4 for some time now. It was surely before this update.

edit: ooops. totally forgot I was a "beta" user. lolz.

Thanks for letting us know about the update. This update is a big enough change for me personally to update the app. I'll wait until 3.7 is out of beta.

If you get death threats that often that it's a problem. You may want to give a look in the mirror for the problem. ;)

There's a way around that, though - switch on emailing for posts, but in your email reader set up a filter so they just get archived away. (Works best on gmail or other cloud email, as it won't cause network traffic for you...) That way, a copy of the original message will always get archived in your email folder before they edit it.

Now give us the ability to unfollow posts. I have some friends with thousands of friends and I don't want 50 emails from the people who followed by comment.

The strange thing is that I didn't see the "Edit Post" option until I tried to edit the privacy of one of my posts. After I did that, the Edit Post option started appearing.

I don't see how this works. I can't even edit posts from the web version, much less the app. I can edit comments, sure, but that's different.

Great. Now when I tried to respond to a puzzle post, it says that my post was considered abusive or spammy. All I said was '9' which was the answer.

I think this means you can edit the privacy settings from the app? Prior to the beta update I had to go to the full website from my phone to fix my screw-ups of that.

What would be nice is if I could actually configure the custom privacy for a post from the app.

What about being able to find your or your friends post in a sea of posts?!

Unless I am missing something, Facebook says, so and so commented on this post, then you have to scroll through a bizzilion posts to find your friends comment. After slogging trough half the comments, I usually give up and go home! There needs to be an easier and an effective way to manage, find and look up the comments.

Unless I am missing something.


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That's not just limited to mobile, even on the full site on a PC, you have the same issue. It puts a blue highlight on the left of the post, as you can see on the comments on the full site here as well, but Facebook does not scroll you directly to the comment you got a notification about. It's pretty annoying.

Been able to do this on the beta version for a while now. Also can show how your feeling what your reading, watching etc.... They have updated the beta Kim 4 times in 2 days so I had a hunch they were looking to push something out.

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Anyone else notice that it seems like it is allowing your news feed to stick to be "Most Recent" now? I'm so used to going in and switching it every time, but notice since the update its been staying on "Most Recent". Yay?

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i have same nexus 7 of my father,but since he update facebook .the app are completely different on 2 nexus 7 ? he have the same look like new facebook app on ios with menu tab on bottom? how this happen?