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DoubleTwist, the well known "iTunes equivalent for Android" has now added Apple TV streaming support. The doubleTwist Player is a free app, but users have the option to upgrade to AirSync for $4.99 if they want  to be able to sync their media without having to plug-in their device. AirSync also can stream to Xbox or the Playstation 3.

Now the company has been able to get their streaming technology working with Apple TV, giving Apple TV owners who use Android devices AirPlay capability. If you are a doubleTwist, AirSync and Apple TV user, you'll be able to stream your media seamlessly to your tv. Both your Android device and your Apple TV have to be on the same wireless network.

Once they are, go into Settings in your doubleTwist Player app. Then click on AirTwist & AirPlay, which will give you the page like the screenshot above. Simply check the box to enable streaming to those devices. Once that is finished,  your device should pop up on your Apple TV as one of the options to stream from. That's it! Once it's done, you should be able to enjoy your music and videos from your Android device on your Apple TV. doubleTwist also announced that streaming capabilities to Sonos devices are here, but that is currently in beta.

Find links to the doubleTwist Player and AirSync apps after the break.

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doubleTwist Player (free)

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doubleTwist AirSync ($4.99)

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doubleTwist adds AirPlay support to stream to Apple TV


Awesome! This is the only feature I "missed" from my iPhone 4 and now I don't have to worry about that! This was my music player anyways and I think I found a reason to upgrade to the paid version!

My only complaint with DoubleTwist is that you can't specify the folder your music syncs to, it places all the music on the root. Which drives me bonkers. That's why I haven't been using it to sync my music, only play it. But this AirSync may be worth it as more AirPlay accessories are released I'll be able to play my music on other peoples iPod docks.

Yeah I only use it as a player don't use it to sync anything at all. I manually add new music since I'm kind of OCD-ish lol. But I like that like you said we can now play through iPod docks that have AirPlay and send movies to TVs that have Apple TV. I guess I can use my Apple TV again lol.

Have both paid and unpaid apps with recent updates. Can't find my HTC device anywhere on Apple TV menus. Any ideas?

If you just want to stream photos and "small multi media files" from an android phone then a free streaming app is available. try AppleTV Media Player. Steps and screenshots on what the application can do at